The Ventotene Manifesto in all EU laguanges The Ventotene Manifesto – Swedish Version – Translation by Stefano Fogelberg Rota, Hannes. island of Ventotene, draw up a manifesto for a free and united Europe. The Ventotene Manifesto. Ventotene: The Altiero Spinelli Institute for. Il manifesto di Ventotene has 28 ratings and 0 reviews. Se vogliamo che l’Europa abbia un futuro, è allo spirito di integrazione che si deve fare riuferi.

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Alberto marked it as to-read Oct 12, Beside ventoteme, their absolute dependence upon the Russian State, which has repeatedly used them in pursuing its national policies, prevents this Party from undertaking political activity with any continuity.

It was presented not as an ideal, but as the best option for Europe’s postwar condition. The first group is the one which least gave in to the totalitarian rod and which will the quickest to maniresto its ranks. The greatest achievements of human society in every field are due to the scientific method that lies behind this unfettered approach.

Even if the corporative chambers were a sincere expression of the will of the various categories of producers, the representative bodies of the various professional categories could never be qualified to handle questions of general policy.

The Ventotene Manifesto — Bulgarian At the same time, the tracks guiding these forces towards objectives of greatest benefit for all society must be strengthened and perfected. We can do no more than repeat what everyone knows regarding the need for representative bodies, the process of developing legislation, the independence of the courts which will replace the present system safeguarding impartial application of legislation and the freedom of the press and right of assembly guaranteeing informed public opinion and the possibility for all citizens to participate effectively in the State’s life.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Rather the nation has become a divine entity, an organism which must only consider its own existence, its own development, without the least regard for the damage that others venttotene suffer from this.

Fabio marked it as to-read Nov 24, If you continue to use this site ventoteme will assume that you are happy with it. Jaroslaw Ciemnoczolowski marked it as to-read Jun 30, This struggle against German imperialism is closely linked to the Chinese people’s struggles against Japanese imperialism.


But when this Manifesfo control is achieved, it does not produce the desired results but leads to a regime where the entire population is subservient to a restricted class of bureaucrats who run the economy. In others words an economic regime has substantially been preserved in which material resources and labour, which ought to be directed to the satisfaction of fundamental needs for the development of essential human energies, are instead channelled manifedto the satisfaction of the most futile wishes of those capable of paying the highest prices.

Democrats do not refrain from violence on principle but wish to use it only when the majority is convinced it is indispensable, little more, that is, than an almost superfluous “dot” over an “i”. The principle of non intervention turned out to be absurd: Thus the nation is no longer viewed as the historical product of co-existence between men who, as the result of a lengthy historical process, have acquired greater unity in their customs and aspirations and who see their State as being the most effective means of organizing collective life within the context of all human society.

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Union of European Federalists (UEF): The Ventotene Manifesto

We have seen a demonstration that no country within Europe can stay on the sidelines while the others battle: Its methodical propaganda must penetrate everywhere there are people oppressed by the present regime. All the reactionary forces can feel the house is creaking around them and are now trying to save their skins: The field of proletarian possibilities is so restricted that workers are often forced to accept exploitation by anyone who offers a job in order to make a living.

The revolutionary party, on the contrary, knows that only at this stage will it its real work begin. Modern civilization has taken the principle of freedom as its basis, a principle which holds that man must not be a mere instrument to be used by others but an autonomous centre of life.

Today, in an effort to begin shaping the outlines of the future, those who have understood the reasons for the current crisis in European civilization, and who have therefore inherited the ideals of movements dedicated to raising the dignity humanity, which were shipwrecked either on their inability to understand the goal to be pursued or on the means by which to achieve it have begun to meet and seek each other.

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Mario rated it it was amazing Sep 21, Because if the movement is made up of intellectuals alone, it will lack the strength to crush reactionary resistance, and it will distrust and be distrusted by the working class and even though inspired by democratic sentiment, when faced with difficulties it will be liable to shift its position, as regard the mobilisation of other classes, against the workers, and thus restoring Fascism.

All those countries which managed manifewto escape Germany’s grasp would be forced to adopt the very same forms of political organization to be adequately prepared for the continuation of hostilities.

Il manifesto di Ventotene

Matteo rated it it was amazing Jan 16, Taxes on unearned income and inheritances, higher taxes levied on larger incomes, tax exemptions for low incomes and essential goods, free public schooling, greater social security spending, land reforms, inspection of factories and manufacturing plants were all achievements that threatened the privileged classes in their well-fortified citadels. Alberto marked it as to-read Mar 17, There are no grounds for fearing that such a revolutionary regime will develop into renewed despotism.

All religious faiths are to be equally respected, but the State must no longer have earmark funds for religion. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It takes just a few days to destroy the results of decades of common effort to increase the general well-being.

Ventotene Manifesto

These beliefs place their trust in the “spontaneous generation” of events and institutions and the absolute goodness of drives originating among the grass roots. In order to keep the working classes immobilized and subjugated, the trade unions, once free organizations of struggle, run by individuals who enjoyed the trust of their members, have been turned into institutions for police surveillance run by employees chosen by the ruling class and responsible only to them.

The Ventotene Manifesto — Slovakian They think it their duty to form a consensus and they represent themselves as exhortatory preachers, where instead there is a need for leaders who know just what they want.