TITLE: Majic, Eyes Only. AUTHOR: Ryan S Wood. PUBLISHER: Wood & Wood Enterprises, Quail Ridge Drive Broomfield Colorado. United States. The Paperback of the Majic Eyes Only: Earth’s Encounters with Extraterrestrial Technology by Ryan S. Wood at Barnes & Noble. Buy a cheap copy of Majic Eyes Only book by Ryan S. Wood. MAJIC EYES ONLY is the most authoritative and comprehensive chronicle ever published on the.

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In the words of the X Files, the truth really is out there. This is an important book. Government documents in regards to what would be the procedure in telling the public about the reality of these objects.

Mwhiteford marked it as on,y Oct 08, Leslie Ann marked it as to-read Oct 03, We may only be a good meal for them, or alternatively, they may try and force their culture and belief system on our planet totally disrupting our current way of living, now that in itself is scary.

Of course one would think that if these ‘flying saucers’ were travelling from other worlds or other dimensions that it would seem improbable rtan they would come so far only to crash on a foreign planet. Mike marked it as to-read Oct 05, Wood Limited preview – Now, through the nearly exhaustive investigative work of Eye Wood, some of these same astounding secrets are being made public for the first time.

Jessica Curtis marked it as to-read Dec 10, The author states that back in a chap called Lambros Callimahos wrote a paper discussing what may happen should mankind come in contact with an alien race, in part; this is what he had to say.

The author has carefully looked at the evidence or what evidence we have of each case in the book and put them into a category like speedometer which goes from LO to HI depending on how good or bad the case research is This is a clever way of showing to the reader on how good or bad the case stands with the information available. Wood first became interested in UFOs when his father, Dr. It presents never-before-published photos that may be the first public view of a UFO crash site, a primer on the modern history of UFO retrievals, and an in-depth look at documents detailing government concern and aggressive security.


These MJ documents, coupled with the Leonard Stringfield data and strong investigations by other case experts, provide a wyes core of UFO crash incidents. He not only seeks these reports from the United States, but searches for them from all corners of the Earth.

Paul added it Jan 07, Danny marked it as to-read Mar 04, In the past, as the book shows, many U. Highly readable, extraordinarily mind boggling.

About Majic Eyes Only, MJ documents, book | Ryan S. Wood

Refresh and try again. We humans kill many animals all over planet Earth to curb our hunger who’s to say that we may appear a yummy meal to some alien from a distant star system, so I guess there is method in hanging fire in replying to majif signal from space.

Read the Preface, Forward, Table of Contents and Index The idea that major governments have covered up the true nature of the UFO phenomenon for more than half a century through unprecedented secrecy, deception and intimidation strikes wiod reasonable citizens as preposterous. The curious reader will have much material to sink his teeth into.

Majic Eyes Only

After years of debate about whether or not a hand full of UFO crash cases are real, Ryan Wood has made a breakthrough by looking beyond the popular crashes to find evidence of a whole series of crashes that occurred during the past century. How many more droplets will it take to burst the lid off? The reason why ‘Should’ is stated, is simply because, how do we know that they might be rywn.


Government departments planted false eyee very misleading info on true UFO events to take the public attention away from them. OK, let us take a look at what’s going on here.

The close of the ryaan see’s the author again looking at U. Therefore I strongly recommend this book, make a point of ordering it today, take it from me, you will not be disappointed. The author guides the reader through 74 UFO crash incidents supported by compelling evidence in the form of official documents, eyewitnesses and in some cases physical evidence.

MAJIC EYES ONLY: Earth’s Encounters with Extraterrestrial Technology – Ryan S. Wood – Google Books

Now think about it, that’s yees as absurd as it sounds. Valerie marked it as to-read Feb 03, Needless to say, within an hour the Air Force arrived and took away all the hospital staff notebooks and X rays which were still hanging up soaking wet. His work will stand as a valuable resource for future students and researchers of this topic, as well as for anyone who wants to glimpse part of the unseemly underbelly of the U.

Of course for the Joe Bloggs or the proverbial ‘man in the street’ he is more likely to know about the crash at Roswell New Mexico than he is of the crash at Easter Somaliland in as depicted in this book. No trivia or quizzes yet.