The options described in this user guide enable you to generate a o Main Navigation Menu Options (available in Magento Enterprise and later). 96 iii. Magento Community Edition User Guide, Version Apache x. Nginx x (for CE or EE or greater). Server Hosting. Welcome to the home page for Magento 1.x documentation for installation, Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE) Documentation Home (EE) ยท Getting the PHP patch for Magento Enterprise Edition (EE).

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The system requires these core files to run. Typo in JavaScript error message Fixed: Product Name, for people to recognize.

How to Decide? Magento Enterprise vs. Community | Customer Paradigm

Run Price Re-index 2: Wrong behavior of split buttons in IE8 Fixed: Impossible to enter zero in the base price field for customer groups Fixed: Incorrect price calculation of configurable product with custom options Fixed: Wrong message during checkout process in Inline Translate mode Fixed: Essentially, an OS Commerce site that was modified was a custom branch โ€” and once it was built, it was actually easier to start from scratch and build a new site instead of upgrading.

Unable to open shopping cart when quote has errors Fixed: We really like the Magento system instead of other eCommerce systems. For example, a really great customer is having an issue on the site. GET request is incorrectly formed during category creation- adjusted assertion to determine last viewed store Fixed: Database Server โ€” usually the best practice is to have one main database server that handles inventory, purchases, customer information and more.


Incorrect calculation logic during distribution products between several pieces in case with DHL Fixed: In the past, a product that was added to the site, or had a price increase could take up to 12 minutes to show up on the front end of the site.


Wrong status of catalog event is displayed by editing catalog event Fixed: These are most of the high-level features of Magento Community edition. Would you like me to add it back in for you right now? Wrong behavior and exception while using invalid image Fixed: Coupon codes generation fails when trying to generate large amount of codes Fixed: Customer group has to be emulated even if customer is sticky assigned to the group Fixed: You should also have two full copies of the working site, stored in two different geographic locations, too.

Unable to translate some customer information Fixed: Unable to do mass action update for products Fixed: Magento Community does not have a built-in system that allows for automatic trigger-based email campaigns.

Ny release: Magento Enterprise Edition 1.12

It can get complicated quickly. Web Services API, allowing you to connect to other systems easily. Special symbols in Sort Order field Fixed: Do you need a way to automatically generate coupon codes, dynamically for end users?

Or add in advanced sales trackingwith trigger-based order alerts we built this Watchdog system as well. Added Backup sorting by name possibility Fixed: Magento Community allows for up-sells, cross-sells and related products. Typos in Role Permission tree Fixed: Your customer service rep might give them free shipping because they had an issue. Unable to open both sample link and main link after payment of downloadable product Fixed: Magento Community allows you to specify enterrise country users are able to make purchases and ship to on the site.


You can add a new extension that allows for RDFa microtagging on the site we built a plugin for this.

Customer Segments are dynamic, and you can export specific customers for external marketing campaigns. When create customer from admin appears exception Fixed: Magento Enterprise offers a faster, more streamlined checkout flow than the Magento Community Edition. Add In-Aisle Checkout like being at the Apple store.

This is often used on the category page. Magento Enterprise tightly integrates reward points into the core code. Magento Enterprise allows you to display specific banners top jagento the site, left side, right side, bottom, or within a content blockbased on the shopping cart rule on the site. Customer-Assisted Shopping is unique to the Magento Enterprise code base.

Special Price โ€” set the price usually lower for a specific date range. Never miss a story from Butikkeier. You can identify customer groups segments based on everything from address city, state, ziporder history, and create specialized banners, price discounts and more. SOLR search and catalog results sorting issue Fixed: Give a discount for a specific vuide i.

Wrong re-index product attributes after bundle product save Fixed: Backups are deleted without confirmation Fixed: Customer was unable to receive newsletters when it was created enterprose backend Fixed: Unable to create folder in Media Storage Fixed: Role Resources are not saved Fixed: