Get the latest live position for the MAERSK ASSISTER. You can also check the schedule, technical details and many more. MAERSK ASSISTER is a Offshore supply vessel built in by VOLKSWERFT. Current status: Laid up. Formerly also known as MAERSK ASSISTER. It’s gross. June 12th, UTC, Frederikshavn. June 12th, UTC, Frederikshavn. June 2nd, UTC, Gdansk.

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Typically, shock loads are reduced by increasing the length of the tow wire, and in harsh weather tow wire length could be as much as meters! This version of the anchor retrieval varies a bit from the one described in my anchor handling procedure. When engaged, the propeller spins at about revolutions per minute. Here we have approached the rig in order to offload a chaser ring with attached chain.

Here we see the port side socalled “whaleback” from the aft. When the main engines are not running, power is supplied from two smaller auxulliary diesel engines. Just for the sake of comparison I had this picture taken where I am standing beside the 22 ton anchor.

Maersk to Lay Up Two More Anchor Handlers

The output shafts from these two engines go to a reduction gear, a part of which is visible to the right. ROV’s are fitted with cameras and robotic arms allowing specialized maerrsk on the vessel to monitor and perform various subsea operations. The report will be sent to your assisterr address within 12 hours after your payment has been completed. Message your account manager to discuss your renewal and to hear about the latest developments available.


Maersk Assister | Maersk Supply Service | Maersk Group | Flickr

I stayed onboard though together with my fellow cadet. Moller main office back in Copenhagen, Denmark. Principal data are as follows:. Here, rig chain is seen running from the vessels winch and aft out over the main deck, through maerzk guide pins.

The vessel is now correctly positioned and the floating dock will start discharging its ballast water. The aft manouver stand is seen in the left side of the picture. Through a number of couplings the maetsk winches can be configured to run with one or more of these motors. It is great that you want to track the seven seas! Usually a large grating covers each end of the tunnel, but they were removed in the dock so that the inside of the tunnel could be accessed for repainting.

Chain Lockers Chain Locker Cap. You must be logged in to access Assistdr Cousins. Delivering supplies and provision to the Jack-up rig “Ensco 71”. To view our website correctly you need an up to date browser. The naersk is here completely de-ballasted, and the anchor bolsters the arrangement extending from the leg are therefore out of the water. A small amount of the generated power can also be directed through a converter to the ship’s Main Electrical Switchboard.


The Maersk Assister standby on the field with the sun setting. maefsk

Viewing the top of the two starboard main engines. The frame was to be maerssk to Fredericia, Denmark laying on the cargo rail. We were hardly ever off-hire more than a day during March.

Looking aft from along the side of the ship with port side main propeller visible. The propeller itself is a Controllable Pitch Propeller, i.

Here we wait while the Maersk Achiever approaches Borgland Dolphin in order to receive either some equipment or a chaser wire before commencing an anchor pickup. Check out this page for further details. When wire rope runs into the water from the ship these rollers will be turned by the wire if the weight in the wire is great enough of course.

The ring nozzle around the propeller optimizes the thrust power of the propeller, thereby giving the vessel a larger pulling force larger Bollard Pull. The weather was a bit harsh, but we managed to complete the cargo transfers.