Sep 26, After years of waiting, the MacGruber 2 script is officially being written by Jorma Taccone and star Will Forte, but it’s in the very early stages. Sep 26, Finally, the clouds have parted and the sun has shined down on a script for ‘ MacGruber 2.’ A sequel to the comedy might just be. Product Description. This script was hand-signed in person by the above referenced entertainer. The glossy cover page has been hand signed by the celebrity.

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Got another throat rip in. Can I help you, bro? Just give me one good reason, Vick. The team goes to a charity event Cunth is holding and Cunth’s guards throw MacGruber out. We can talk about that later.

Okay, so it’s not a plan. And I applied that to throat rips. I got thrown through a window. Following the success of the advertisements, creator Lorne Michaels approached Forte, Taccone, and writer John Solomon with the idea to produce a Mactruber film, and they were at first skeptical. I don’t fucking believe it. He asked me to mcagruber his best man and right about that time, I started banging her and mowing her box.


Should we get going? He walked in the front door, sir. And I need to apologize for something. I’m out of the game. Hurry the fuck up! That was beautiful, Vicki. I mean, I’m fucking MacGruber. Vicki, did I just use him as a human shield?

Well, I owed you one. You have to move on with your life. What are we doing here, MacGruber?

Jorma Taccone teases Macgruber 2 script in a Twitter photo |

You two are perfect for each other. We’re gonna go on the count of three, and whatever you do, just keep shooting. And I rip throats. Always wants to go it alone.

Jorma Taccone teases Macgruber 2 script in a Twitter photo

If you think that I would let that monster Cunth touch one hair on Vicki’s head, then you’re sorely mistaken. I need you, Frank. Hand me that Incredi-Mop, and that is an order! I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re saying. Coming at you, Grubes!

MacGruber Script at IMSDb.

We have reason to believe the X-5 is now in the possession of Dieter Von Cunth. So, looks like you’re keeping your bod pretty tight. Jim, you’re wrong about being wrong. Okay, don’t worry, we got your back. I wish it was through the head. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  AFI 36-3203 PDF

By the way, does anyone know how he got in? Yeah, but if Hoss doesn’t show up, they’ll abort the drop. My associate will assist you with your debt, Senator.

Lieutenant, give us a minute, will you?

I will let you fuck me. So what do I do? We actually all went to college together. And stay away from that guy, who I actually would describe as ugly.

Making a homemade grenade! If you don’t, I’ll smash it into a million, trillion little pieces.

I specifically told you not to go in there. I got that guy! Well, bring it on. I’m going to fill you up!