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The text log files will now be copied to the USB drive.

The job editor window will open up as shown in Figure A snapshot of this icon is shown in the picture below. Figure Remove Multiple Partitions 4. This is the preferred method using the LCD Monitor. The user has the option to choose the target slot to copy the file to.

Figure Error Message 3. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.


The job flow window indicates the flow of operation when a job is running. The user can 5m208 the maximum number of errors he can skip verifying. Before you begin a secure transaction with us, your security level is automatically tested by our systems. The file needs to be a Linux Text File.

Figure Enter Module Serial Number 5. The MPR runs on a fully featured Linux operating system. COPY Copy the entire master drive to the target drives. TLS is a protocol that provides privacy and data security between two communicating applications, like web browsers and web servers.

Remove the card b. Logs are appended to the file every time a new job is run and the log file is over written when the unit is restarted. Depending upon the user choice, different parameters may be set. The user can perform a verify after an erase by checking the verify check box in the erase operation, as shown in Figure below. In the current cycle, 14 passed and 1 failed. One partition will have the following attributes: Insert manuak to 15 target drives on the copy slots labeled Insert the master drive m528 the master slot and up to 15 target drives on the copy slots labeled This is a good pattern for testing.


If the mouse cursor is placed over any inserted, recognized USB device, an ID drive info screen pops up as shown in Figure The size of the Target drives must equal the size of the source. If this box is checked, the user is allowed to set a hex value for the data being programmed into the target devices. Please note that the desired serial numbers need to be listed one per line in the file and serial numbers from the file will be consumed upon request from the file.

A dialogue box will be displayed as shown in Figure to allow the user to add a new barcode file name and specify the job file or modify existing barcode file.

If the box is checked, user can specify the percentage of the verification. If there are multiple failures, press the DOWN arrow to see the error messages for each of the failing device. The Job Run tab displays the run time information of the job.

In case of any problem with the hardware of the MPR, an error message is displayed. A snapshot of the GUI is as shown below.


Nortel M5208 Meridian Manuals

Here, 14 devices passed the Copy and one device failed. If you continue to hold the key down, you will inadvertently power up the system. For example, if the Source is a small binary image file being copied onto large devices, all of the target device sizes will be checked to make sure they are all the same size.

The format operation can be performed for all target slots or only for a single slot.

The user can pick the field from the drop down menu and also has the option to define a manusl field. Upon completion of the Verify job, a summary screen with pass and fail results is displayed.

Nortel M5208 Phone

Figure Set Operator 3. If any error, display it. Figure M Keypad The following keys are available on the MPR keypad and their functions are described below. If this option box is checked the MPR ignores an invalid file system. Manuwl addition to standard Linux programs, there are special programs written and used by IMI to operate the unit.

Once the job is complete, click on the Log viewer, to see the module serial added to the database fields, corresponding to the slot. Scan the module serial from the flash media d. These mm5208 are listed in the sections below.

Scan or input the module serial from the label of the flash media before inserting the flash media into the slot.