GEORG LUKACS. History and Reification and the Consciousness of the Proletariat. I The Phenomenon of Reification. II The Antinomies of Bourgeois. Lukács’ Reification and the Class Consciousness of the Proletariat is a disorganized but masterful essay written in the aftermath of the greatest. Reification and the Consciousness of the Proletariat () Proletariat · I. The Phenomenon of Reification › Tags. Georg Lukacs · Marxism.

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The works of this period reflect both his allegiance to orthodox Soviet Marxism and his uneasiness with the Stalinist post-war situation. The actually functioning capital, as we have seen, presents itself in such a light that it seems to yield interest not as functioning capital, but as capital in itself, as money-capital.

It presupposes a society so structured. But is it possible for human beings to overcome this narrowness, to transcend immediacy? This framework is most clearly visible in his two systematic attempts to produce a philosophy of art in Heidelberg GW 16 and Conscjousness could only come into being in the bureaucratic state with its rational laws where One example must suffice here:.

University of North Carolina Press. The formalistic conceptualisation of the special sciences become for philosophy an immutably given substratum and this signals the final and despairing renunciation of every attempt to cast light on the reification that lies at the root of this formalism.

The relative independence of the artisan or cottage craftsmanof the landowning consiousness, the owner of a benefice, the knight and vassal was based on the fact that he himself owned the tools, supplies, financial resources or weapons with the aid of which he fulfilled his economic, political or military function and from which he lived while this duty was being discharged. Of course, this isolation and fragmentation is only apparent.

Marx sees the matter in this way: Quality no longer matters. In what follows Lukacs uses his initial definition of the commodity structure to deploy his two conceptions of reification and demonstrate how the commodity has remolded all of society in its image.

But a radical change in outlook is not feasible on the soil of bourgeois society. But that is not all.

Georg Lukács – ‘Reification and the Consciousness of the Proletariat’ | An Empty Flight

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Essayistic writing, however, is not only writing about form; it also must always examine the conditions under which life can be given a form in the first place. Production, in its entire organisation, aims at the creation of use-values and not of exchange values, and cconsciousness is only when their supply exceeds the measure of consumption that use-values cease to be use-values, and become means of exchange, i.


On the one hand, the process of labour is progressively broken down into abstract, rational, specialised operations so that the worker loses contact with the finished product and his work is reduced to the mechanical repetition of a specialised set of actions. This consequence follows with such inevitability that Tugan-Baranovsky, for example, attempts in his theory to draw.

Georg [György] Lukács (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

The result of this analysis is a conception of the work of art as an ideal of homogeneous unity of form and material. This text became an important reference point both for critical social theory and for many currents of countercultural thought. It presupposes a society so structured. As Fichte and Hegel recognize, this problem arises only because modern thought takes the contemplative subject of reified self-world relations as its paradigm, ignoring the alternative of an active subject that is engaged in the production of the content.

In the nature of things it is excluded, in the first place, where production for the use-value, for immediate personal requirements, predominates; and secondly, where slavery or serfdom form the broad foundation of social production, as in antiquity and during the Middle Ages. Humanities Press,pp.

But this simply shifts the question from the main issue to more and more derivative and reified stages without ,negating the formalism of the method and the elimination from the outset of the concrete reificatikn underlying it.

The specialisation of skills leads to the destruction of every image of the whole.

Georg [György] Lukács

As far as class is concerned we would point out that this subjugation is the product of a lengthy struggle which enters upon a new stage with lukasc organisation of the proletariat into a class. The OntologyE. That is where barter begins, and from here it strikes back into the interior of the community, decomposing it.

Only in this context does the reificiation produced by commodity relations assume decisive importance both for the objective evolution of society and for the stance adopted by men towards it.


This immanence of meaning and the totality it constituted was, however, lost in the subsequent historical development, transforming form into an external factor to life. This understanding thd institutions entails that politics, as a form of action directed towards the social totality as a whole, must treat this totality, on the one hand, as being dependent on natural and biological facts that limit its potential transformations and, on the other hand, as increasingly being determined by laws of its own GW Thus we get a fetish form of capital, and the conception of fetish capital.

By choosing one of the potential results of the employment of their natural and technological capacities as the correct one, individuals can create a distinction between successful and unsuccessful execution of their intended actions in labor. But with the difference that not every mental faculty is suppressed by mechanisation; only one faculty or complex of faculties is detached from the whole personality and placed in opposition to it, becoming a thing, a commodity.

It is evident that the whole structure of capitalist production rests on the interaction between a necessity subject to strict laws in all isolated phenomena adn the relative irrationality of the total process.

Only then does it become a category of society influencing decisively the objective form of things and people in the society thus emerging, their relation to nature and the possible relations of men to each other.

And in order to achieve this, the faithful reflection of economic conditions suffers increasingly. Weber, Standort der Industrien, espe cially p. The formal standardisation of justice, the state, the civil service, etc.

They assume the form of commodities inasmuch as they are exchangeables, i. After the subsequent Soviet invasion, he was arrested and imprisoned in Romania. He also served in the short-lived Nagy government as minister for public education. In this draft of a party platform, which was named after his party alias, he argued for a democratic dictatorship of workers and peasants in Hungary. In Marxismreification German: