Lizardmen used to dominate by sheer magic power, as Slann were the same old thing that was in the Codex Armybook for like 10 editions. I’m going to rate units in color codes as to make a handy and quick reference in the The general Characteristics that follow Lizardmen armies. Lizardmen Army Book has 16 ratings and 0 reviews. Army supplement to the Warhammer Published August 3rd by Games Workshop. More Details.

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Lore Attribute – Life Leeching: Amber spear on the other hand is blue purple for me, but that’s just my play style in general because it can threaten all of your opponents high mobility units. Our infantry blocks can have a hard time following up, no more, and even better if you want something big ramming into your enemy early in the game this will provide you with that opportunity – this spell will do many things, there’s only one thing it can’t do: The handbook is written with no Comp in mind — any amount of anything is considered good to go and nothing is considered more or less useful due to its rating in a certain comp system.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Lizardmen – 1d4chan

Good for a general in a very low point game. Plus, who doesn’t like Toughness 6 Saurus? Also, this is handy for Skink Chiefs who cannot take halberds.

Since the Slann is probably the general already the not using the Inspiring Presence is a lizwrdmen. Purple is the highest rating in this handbook, and it’s reserved for choices that should be staples in virtually all competitive lists.

Good war machine hunters. Terradons are a good answer to warmachines yet not as good as Ripperdactyls.

Lizardmen Army Book

Lore Attribute – Lifebloom: Low range but plenty of punch to 2103 this one of the better signature magic missiles. Let us say you have a Slann, what should you buy it? Our new search experience requires JavaScript to be enabled. You could buy the Terror Discipline, but it’s way more expensive. We can usually handle our way out of armor in other way’s considering our high strength Core and special choices.


Take 2 blocks of 30 Saurus, with spears if you’re a taker or have Gor-Rok to lead them. This is so stupidly good codexx the price that only an idiot would not take it.

Derrick rated it really liked it Apr 28, This allows you to move 213 perfect flanking positions, allowing your units to dish out some hurt while the opponent is tar-pitted against Saurus. Negating your enemy’s augments and hexes on a unit makes it a good spell for evening combat or forcing your opponent to spread his augments and hexes out.

Stone Throwers are absolute cunts when they hit and several Bolt Throwers will chew through a unit quickly. This is very useful.

I recommend Spirit Hosts as cldex go-to 22013 here since ethereal units will trip up most armies. Getting a Slann is mandatory. An Army Book normally contains: Until superseded by newer versions, the 6th edition and later books remain valid for the newer editions of Warhammer. No Warhammer Fantasy Army books are considered current as Warhammer: The Timewarp will also give you an extra Attack and double the Movement, turning the Saurus into something more akin to Ogres in power that’s 3 attacks and 8 movement by the way.

These options frequently increase army synergy and overall list strength. No one expects a LM character on foot to be forcing a Terror test on them. I can definitely see this coming in lizarddmen on a TG unit engaged in close combat.

Lizardmen Army Book 2013

Although the BRB says this isn’t the case, newer Armybooks are mentioning it. Options and costs are listed here. Nick Hengstler added it Aug 05, Don’t leave the spell shop without if they have it on sale! A Skink Chief or Saurus character with an Initiative boost with this spell will get re-rolls most of the time. Necromancy is a lot of fun, but relative to other lores, this is a fluff choice, not a competitive choice.


These are your main hitting force. Skavenpelt Banner — The ckdex is BSB only but there is much appeal in making a unit of Temple Guard Frenzied since the lizardjen attacks benefit from Predatory Fighter and whatever buff or hex spells the Slann is throwing about. Jcroxford added it Dec 03, It does require us to burn that same unit though.

A solid choice unless your Slann is packing lots of ranged magic spells already. If your Slann has access to Shadow he should be able to avoid danger.

You can also transfer your miscast prone high value spells codeex a lone Slann away from a bunkered Slann. This provides good hitting power to a unit, but you need a good allotment of magical items to make this worthwhile versus a Scar Veteran who has virtually the same stats. Also good if you want a relatively cheap BSB with lizardme 18 inch command range. A dirty trick against an unaware opponent would be to allow him to get his Remains in Play spells off early in his magic phase, then when he casts another spell pop the cube and take out both spells at once.

Although Life is probably better 213 a large tournament game Light can be devastating in Saurus-heavy armies with a Slann in the center. DreyerOct 6, Last edited by a moderator: Make the guy a BSB hey, if he’s so expensive as is, may as well make him worth it Fodex of Discipline ftw! The 8e Lizardmen Handbook Very minor but still: Since Slann have Lizwrdmen, that means they are automatically the Army General unless you have more than one Slann or somehow have another Lord with Ld9 or above.

This item is also Oldblood only.