Information sheet. Genki product information – English. Manuals. Genki User Manual – English · Genki User Manual – French · Genki User Manual – German. This superb LINN Genki CD Player has come to us via a part exchange and comes with a 3 month warranty. It has been tested and is in full working order. You have to look hard to spot the difference between the upscale Ikemi reviewed on the previous pages and the Genki. From the front there is only one giveaway.

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It’s not easy to judge audio quality at the noisy show floor of CES, after all. Brilliant Slimline Power Supply. Conclusions It’s been a while since I’ve plugged in an audio source that gave my speakers such a pleasant workout. Rhythmically, the player keeps pace with the music — breathlessly quick at times and expressively deliberate at others. I suppose that this sort of thing encourages one to purchase all their audio or theater components from one company.

Listening The Genki immediately genko with its expertise at setting an expansive soundstage.

General Asylum General audio topics that gneki fit into specific categories. The Genki also came with a quite large system remote to control all Linn components, and their own set of Linn interconnects, which was used throughout the listening session.

The Ikemi is the product of the research and development that went on with the CD12, and so it is trickle-down technology at gnki. While the Audio Research CD2as I recall, did bass with more power and drive, the bottom end of the Ikemi is definitely present and accounted for. Linn also offers a Classik line lin those interested in more integrated functionality. One thoughtful touch was the addition of Linn interconnects to the CD player package.

The power button doesn’t do anything as there is no standby mode for the player. Additionally, sleep gnki activates while listening to a CD, removing the track information from the display. With this accuracy came a slight filtered sound that can make some recordings sound thin, exhibited by slightly muted horns and dull synthesized instruments.


The midbass of the Ikemi is palpable, and the lowest end of the Ikemi has all three elements happening. Five years parts and labor. In general, there is a gentle but unadorned quality to music made by the Ikemi.

Coming back to it reminded me of what I admired — and deepened my appreciation. Do the concepts of lin end hi-fi give you a headache? It really sounded like the Genki was having trouble resolving everything and presenting each part of the music in its own layer, and instead, mushed everything together to the point where you just felt like it was meant to be played as background music in genli bedroom system.

This observation isn’t negative; I consider the lack of coloration in the source a good thing, though it’s foolish to compare the accuracy with other players based on listening alone.

Linn Genki CD Player

The treble of Linn equipment is too refined and its bass generally not as fully realized as that of other products that seemingly do only the bottom end really well. Jacksonville, Florida Phone: The tune’s tenki tone transitions and backing harp melody were consumed zealously by the Genki, and I could have sworn the player was smiling broadly, as I was when listening to it. If you like what you see in these sample articles, get all of UHF by subscribing.

The Linn folks probably want to ensure that the out-of-box listening experience meets a base level of expectations; clearly, the company is pursuing folks who are upgrading from average consumer-level equipment. For comparison purposes, I had the Mark Levinson No. Current Issue Equipment Reviews.

You have to look hard to spot the difference between the upscale Ikemi reviewed on the previous pages and the Genki.

REVIEW: Linn Genki CD Player/Recorder – Keith – General Asylum

Everything is very well resolved, but not thrown at you, harsh or grainy unless the disc is intrinsically this way. Bass done well is not just a single entity, however. The Ikemi is another of the new breed of top-flight CD players; it sounds unlike the digital of only a few years ago and splendid overall. Most of the time I was using this cd player’s volume range in the upper 70’s and 80’s out ofI thinkand this ljnn really sounded lin.


I imagine linb Linn expects all users to have a universal remote, but then why would they include buttons for preamp functions?

This sleep function must be turned on through the advanced user options, which is good because it certainly isn’t too useful. Linn has also included a Sync Link connection so the Ikemi can be used as a transport with a similarly equipped external DAC and have its internal clock slaved to that of the DAC, reducing jitter. Or click here to subscribe to UHF.

Vintage hifi experience: Linn Genki CD player

Let’s start with the remote. Does the Ikemi fit into the Linn family? This is my main complaint, as the remote has 56 evenly spaced and shaped buttons. Let us know if we need to take a look at this page or fix a bug. Why put a volume control on a cd player if it can’t be really used as a linestage without feeling congested? Smooth and refined top end along with a present and resolved bottom; offers “a gentle but unadorned quality to music”; “conjures a large soundstage and resolves very well.

There are some interesting user options, which have to do with power-up and power-down options. Although the Linn Ikemi geki a smallish and lightweight CD player, it is the product of much considered thought.