LHBP – BUDAPEST LISZT FERENC INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT plates LHBP INSTRUMENT APPROACH CHART – ICAO ILS OR LOC RWY 31R. Charts, abbreviated plain language text; English, Hungarian. 7, Charts .. See TWY segments on Chart ADLHBP PDC-1 and PDC In. LHBP — BUDAPEST LISZT FERENC INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT .. See TWY segments on Chart ADLHBP PDC-1 and PDC In.

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AIP for HUNGARY (section ADLHBP) valid from 24 MAY

In addition, optional waypoints have been defined along the procedure path i. If runway 13R is not available, certification flights may be authorised for runway 13L on ljbp between – for aircraft not exceeding a MTOW of tons. ATS Units provided with information. At parking positions Terminal 1: In this case, the display deactivates the cuarts arrows and the SLOW sign is displayed.

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport may be used by aircraft which comply with the requirements prescribed by joint decree no.

Taxiway width, surface and strength.

Types of clearing equipment. The turn to final approach is usually performed by T-bar based procedure or by giving the appropriate waypoint to be followed to expedite traffic handling and for separation reasons. Type of landing forecast Interval of issuance.

En route clearance issuance and CTOT -related procedures 1. Aircraft will be advised of these procedures in an ATIS broadcast with the following expression:. ATC expect ljbp aircraft to vacate the runways within the timeframes detailed, as follows:. Birds of prey are a hazard to aircraft in the initial climb or final approach phase of flight.

Helicopters shall take-off from the position provided by Budapest Tower. During training flights, with the exception of emergency cases, English RTF phraseologies shall be used. The pilot shall indicate to the ground staff the full release of the parking brakes. Requests shall be submitted to the Airport Operations Control Center by: Arriving aircraft experiencing radio lgbp failure shall set the transponder to code and:.


Requests shall be submitted to the Airport Operations Control Center by:. Budapest Delivery issues en route clearances clearance limit, SID and allocates squawk.

In low traffic periods or in nighttime operations shortcuts or direct to IAF chagts T-bar base final approaches may be expected. Operators using Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport are requested to send their comments relating to the operation of this service to the following address:. Available on parking stands on request.

The aircraft has to wait for the system to restart or for manual guidance by the marshaller.

When the slot of the flight has expired aircraft is not ready for start up at 10 minutes prior to CTOTATC will not issue start-up clearance and the operator or its representative shall request a new slot. Aircraft operators must act circumspectly chatts noise burdens arising from the use of auxiliary power units APUsin order to protect the area surrounding lhbl airport, especially during nighttime from – Planning, authorisation and execution of training, calibration, demonstration or certification flights at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International airport 6.

About 40 to 60 birds of prey live within the area or in the immediate vicinity of the airport. Ground Handling Organisations Organisation s dealing with the ground handling of passengers, freight and mail, as well as providing apron service. When the flight is given a discrete departure route other than a SIDthe initial cleared altitude is provided as well.

Proceed direct to LHBP

Speed limits apply at specified waypoints for track containment purposes. The selection of the location and the time for the activity is dependent on the size category of the aircraft and the power of the engine test. Hangar space for visiting aircraft. Budapest Delivery or Budapest Ground issues en route clearances clearance limit, SID or discrete departure route, cleared altitude and allocates squawk.



By utilising these procedures, reductions in radiotelephony communication, as well as optimised flight guidance in the approach section, based on realistic flight path data are possible.

If aircraft are not able to vacate the runway within these time frames crews are requested to notify ATC at once. Only aircraft which comply with chapters 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 11 of part II, volume I of annex 16 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation signed on 7 December in Chicago ICAO Conventionor with stricter requirements in terms of phbp emissions than the aforementioned regulations, may use the airport on a regular basis.

Apron surface and strength.

ATC will operate the changeover as close as possible from the indicated time, taking into account the traffic conditions. ATC will accept such request, provided that traffic and air safety conditions permit. Designation and lateral limits. Normally aircraft taxi on the aprons cleared to do so by Budapest Ground.

Whenever the aircraft is capable of reporting Aircraft Identification i. A maximum of three exercises may be planned in a sequence for the same route. For carts use of radar, See ENR 1. If the pilot-in-command considers the runway-in-use not usable for the reason chadts safety, he shall request ljbp to use another runway.

If the flight is subject to slot allocation procedure, the latest time to issue the start-up clearance is 10 minutes prior to CTOT.