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LEY pdf. Enviado por Anibal. Direitos autorais: © All Rights Reserved. Baixe no formato PDF ou leia online no Scribd. Sinalizar por conteúdo. character of the law does not encroach upon the capacity of utility companies to set up their own criteria and requirements for considering 3 Ley n° ‘Ley. , USD. Escuintla, Escuintla, Guatemala. ID: Krundi suurus: 9, Ehitusaasta El precio no incluye impuestos de ley. Terreno único con .

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Regulation concerning establishment of Guild Societies for each occupation in each province to protect legitimate and statutory rights and to improve working 286877 economic conditions of workers and employers Art.

Law on on Servants No. The SSSI pays a certain amount of the worker’s wages. Minimum Wage Act Cap. Designates the Deliberative Council for Women’s and Minors’ Questions as the deliberative council provided for in paragraph 4 of Article 5 of the Law respecting the improvement of employment management of part-time workers Law No. It contains provisions regarding work for the disabled. Applies to workers displaced on or after 1 Apr. Also sets forth standards for dismissal of workers, and provides for amendments to arbitrary work scheme.

Law amending the Seafarers’ Law [Law No. Labour Contracts Law, Law No. The Tribunal shall in its decisions take into consideration the wages of other employees who hold equivalent positions as well as wage policy in general on the labour market.


Commercial – Land – Escuintla, Escuintla, Guatemala – Caribbean & Central Ameri

Provides for home work inspection book, periodic reports on the number of home workers, hours of work applicable to home workers, notice of termination, safety and health standards, Central Home Work Council, and related matters. Leu Wage Council decides the wages of numerous civil servants holding high positions.

Fixes statutory minimum rates of remuneration and conditions of employment of agricultural workers. Provides that any employee of 2887 years of age or over employed in a full-time position is entitled to receive a wage which is not less than a minimum per month, day or hour, as the case may be. It further establishes Minimum Wages Deliberative Councils to assist in wage determinations. The provisions do not apply either in the case of bankruptcy nor regarding vessels.

An employee in a part-time position is entitled to a partial proportional minimum wage. Law amending part of the Labour Standards Law No.

Regulates, inter alia, issues of application of the coefficient of increase of wages, the procedure to include payments for worker motivation and questions related to the calculation 288687 holidays. Provides for the determination of wage scales and rates using minimum wage and gives in annex new wage scales according to professions.

Changes period of fixed-term contract from 1 to 3 years, or from 3 to 5 years.

Deletes “or areas” from the title. Act provides further protection for employees in relation to the payment of wages, facilitates the payment of wages other than in cash, and repeals the Ly Acts, to Miscellaneous amendments to improve the workers’ savings schemes and loan systems. This Act specifies that common employment is not a defence and provides for its application to the Crown.


Revision of salary scales for employees of the National Government in the General Category i.

Autor: Elvis Vásquez Balcazar

Ordinance implementing the Law on Improvement, etc. Jordania – Condiciones de empleo – Otros textos circular, directiva, lley gubernativo, etc. Minimum Wages Law [Law No. Cabinet Order amending Order No. Extends the period of designation of metal ore mining, except iron, as a depressed industry until 15 Augustinter alia.

The authority of this regulation arises out of Act No.

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Sets the general minimum limit leh the wages of the laborers inside the Kingdom. Stipulates that the wages of all workers shall be paid in valid currency, except for fishermen who can be paid with part of the catch. Raises the maximum amount which the Government shall cover in unpaid wages to workers in case the enterprise has been declared bankrupt.

Minimum Wage Amendment Act, No.