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Convocatoria Cas ARTICULO (Texto segn Ley ). La correlacin de los incisos se respet segn el Texto Original de la Ley (35) ; . extensive rotation, including legumes or ley [medium intensity (M)]. artÃ-culo 1 de la Ley en cuanto modifica los arts, LEY – Introducción. En la actualidad los programas.

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This Act provides for termination in the event of structural changes or rationalisation measures within the enterprise. The privatisation programme for the transfer of enterprises and property having State participation to physical or legal persons shall be carried out in accordance with the detailed procedure set out in the Annex.

The testing of inspectors is furthermore classified according to the electrical equipment which they are supposed to control.

Checoslovaquia ex – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza. This law applies the Act of 13 February on the powers of Slovak Republic bodies with respect to the implementation of employment policy Text No. Checoslovaquia ex – – Ley Act governing the relationship between land and other agricultural property.

Checoslovaquia ex 1429 – Ley Act No. Notification of the Slovak Labour Protection Office and of the Slovak Mining Office respecting protection of labour and of technical installations in construction work.

Sets out the proceeding to be followed by state authorities to determine the status of refugees and to define the rights and duties of aliens who have applied for or who have been granted the status of refugee in the territory of the Czech and Slovak Federal republic.

Ordinance of the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic respecting the increase of special bonuses of miners. Act of the Slovak National Council on the powers of Slovak Republic bodies that 12496 employment policy.

The amendments introduced by the Notification include the insertion in the Notification of 16 June of provisions covering civil servants.

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This Act concerns numerous employment matters including employment services, job seekers, registration of offers of employment, special cases, retraining, employment of foreigners, and disabled persons, with special emphasis on the role of the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and of local labour councils.

Act providing amendments concerning social security matters. Act amending and consolidating the Act of 18 April, concerning the private businesses of citizens. Under the new Act, the establishment of joint stock companies is not subject to clearance or supervision by the State, and a provision for establishment by a single founder having legal personality and underwriting the entire stock enables the State to transform existing enterprises into joint stock companies.


The first part of the document lays down the general provisions for infrastructure, qualification of personnel and emergency procedures. Repeals the Notification of 15 March on the same subject. Safety procedures during experimental runs of the equipment, the initial running-in and permanent decommissioning are also covered.

Contains some provisions about the rights of national and ethnic minorities including the right to education in 1426 language. Leh conditions for entitlement to bonuses, based upon work location and duration of performed, and provides for cases where bonuses are withdrawn or reduced.

It deals with medical review committees, family and child welfare committees, and social welfare benefits and services. Employees are entitled to fair remuneration for work and to satisfactory working conditions.

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This Act consists of five parts. It sets out a scale of basic wages and provides for remuneration in respect of overtime, stoppage imputable to the undertaking, nightwork, home-work, hazardous work, work on weekends, etc.

Repeals the Act of 15 June on the same subject. Two schedules specify the duties covered, together with corresponding remuneration and an outline of the said duties. Chad – – Ley. Act concerning discoveries, industrial models and suggested improvements.

Under the new Act, foreigners may establish wholly-owned subsidiaries or purchase up to per cent of an existing firm; investment may be made in stock corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, general partnerships, and limited partnerships with shares; investment in “associations” under an older act is still permitted; and, for the first time, the Czechoslovak partner if any may be a natural person.

Inspectors have to undergo re-examination every 3 years. Notification by 142296 Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs on the Agreement between lwy Republic of Czechoslovakia and the Government of the Republic of France concerning cooperation and exchanges with respect to young people.

Checoslovaquia ex – – Acuerdo internacional Notification by the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs on the Agreement between the Republic of Czechoslovakia and the Government of the Republic of France concerning cooperation and exchanges with respect to young people. Checoslovaquia ex – – Ley Act concerning compensatory indemnification upon termination ldy the employment relationship.


Act governing the relationship between land and other agricultural property. Provides that in the absence of any stipulation to the contrary labour relations in private undertakings shall be governed by the Labour Code as amended to 14 December This agreement, signed in Prague, covers in particular the following areas: The Notification, ly contains eight parts, provides for health and accident prevention in open-cast mines.

Repeals the Act of November 1,the 142296 of November 8, on conciliation procedures in the event of disputes, and the notification of December 5, on foreign relations for the purposes of the Act.

The exceptions covered by this Ordinance are provided for in s. In a schedule, cases are set out where holidays will or will not be let for. The basic lley provisions approved by the Revolutionary Trade Union Movement are approved also, mutatis mutandis, in respect of relations with employers established by trade union bodies and organisations on the basis of free trade union organisation; this applies inter alia to the termination of employment relationships under s.

The Convention was ratified by the Czechoslovakia Socialistic Republic on and the instrument of ratification was deposided with the I. Ordinance of the Government of the Czech Republic to make provisions for workers parties to a special employment relationship constituting an exception leg the Labour Code. The ordinance raises the monthly bonuses to ,-Kcs for miners working in less risky mines and to ,-Kcs in other cases.

Official English translation is available. Lays down a list of the powers of the Court such as the power of interpretation. An Act to amend certain provisions respecting health insurance, social security and maternity benefits and to make other provisions. Checoslovaquia ex – – Ley Act providing measures to ensure economic competition. In the Annex circumstances are set out under which staff reductions may be made. In particular, a new provision extends the scope of the Notification to include agricultural cooperatives.

Regulates the adjustment of property relations and the settlement of property rights in cooperative societies. This Lwy is analogous, leh mutandis, to the Czech act undated on the same subject Text No.