La Partícula Divina has ratings and reviews. Javier said: Una obra maestra de la Lederman es premio Nobel en física, es ademá. Enjoying this preview? Become a member to read the full title. Join today and read free for 30 days. Need help? Start Your Free Trial. La Particula Divina – Leon. La partícula divina (Booket Ciencia) | Leon Lederman, Dick Teresi, Juan Pedro Campos Gómez | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher.

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That should read “uncertainty of There were definitely some laugh-out-loud moments in this book. Dormir quiere decir acurrucarse una hora en el suelo del acelerador Overall, it was okay with the amount of information that was easily obtained and ability to comprehend but the writing style was beyond annoying bordering on tedious. Despite initial misgivings, I did eventually come to enjoy it.

He brings to the layman understanding of rhe profound laws that govern the universe.

For this reason, I did particul focus so much on the physics and cosmology in the book, and read more for the history and engineering. Lederman’s Nobel Prize, inwas awarded “for the neutrino beam method and the demonstration of the doublet structure of the leptons through the discovery of the muon neutrino”, and it was shared with Schwartz and Steinberger.

La Partícula Divina by Leon M. Lederman

Led I’m really interested in lwderman physics layman’s quantum physicsparticularly when using the discipline to try to partocula a greater understanding of the very fabric of existence and how that begins to approach spirituality.

This book translates tons of bizarre mathematical formulas into series of imaginable metaphors. In the chapters about the modern period of high energy physics, all of the big names of the field made appearances, along with personal anecdotes about many of them. As an aside, direct evidence for the neutrino related to the tau was announced by Fermilab a particle accelerator like the LHC, but in Chicago in July Open Preview See a Problem?


It’s not an easy reading, but Leon Ledderman is a fabulous ledermaan funny story teller. This book provides an interesting foray into the deep mechanisms of particle physics.

I would not describe Lederman as a Feynman by any means but he is comparable to Simon Singh by way of Brain Green, though I prefer Singh’s work simply due to the absence of obnoxious puns and over the top attempts at some form of verb schtick. That’s why the science of philosophy is necessary, because empirical science cannot study ideas. It makes the book more digestible amongst the complex concepts you learn.

And there’s this difina great passage where he rips on “The Tao of Physics” and other pseudo-sc As a history of particle physics, it’s pretty good. And there’s this one great passage where he rips on “The Tao of Physics” and other pseudo-science books that are written and sold by people who abuse their credentials yes! Erdogan Cicek Richard Feynman is the master of this type.

I can’t say I got it all, but I surely feel like I understand a bit more what’s going on in the world of the very very very small. I found particle physics fascinating—the universe as creative force—but as the book went on I found my lack of foundational science to be a real hindrance in understanding.

One of these days I will slog through the end, with my brain smoking and understanding sorely tried and fried but it will be worth it. We also learn about how different experimental setups competed for some of the same discoveries, and the relative advantages and disadvantages of, say, electron-positron colliders compared to proton-antiproton colliders.

The parts written as memoir are some of the most entertaining parts of the book. But otherwise it was entertaining paricula interesting.

Super analogija u odlomku kao sedmi suprug Zsa Zse Gabor: There is big mass that pulls and inertial mass that resists being pulled by “a force.

These are said to be the “flavours” of a neutrino. The older I get, the more I realize that art and science are not divided, ledernan are merely aspects of the same thing. Since so many neutrinos are predicted to exist, their combined mass may be pparticula to cause all the matter in the Universe to eventually collapse into a single point, which might then explode and create divinz completely new Universe.


Mar 17, A.

La Partícula Divina

There’s motion, but it’s created by “rolling down hill” so to say, and not by any magical pulling and resistance forces. Is there need for a graviton? Very recommendable if you want a general description of particle physics. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

There were some whimsical digressions where the author played with this theme — imaginary conversations with Democritus — that I personally found to be the most dull parts of the book.

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View all 4 comments. To end on a positive note, I did want to mention that Leon Lederman is a very entertaining personality and his personality comes through vividly in his writing. This was an interesting and mostly accessible read.

Books by Leon M. As a history of particle physics, it’s pretty good. Is the Higgs field the new aether Lederman asks?

It probably wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t read million history of physics books in the past The best of them were the detailed explanations of how many important particle physics experiments throughout history were done — how they proved what they proved, and how the apparatus was constructed.

Travel at light-speed is impossible for objects having mass. One tends to read pop physics by theorists, but this one is by an experimenter, a Nobel Prize winning experimenter at that.