This is a video list of Kyokushin Karate Katas with Instruction. Kata (型 or 形 literally: “form”), a Japanese word, are detailed choreographed patterns of. The range of Kyokushin kata is as diverse as the martial arts background of the Thus, the early kata are mostly based on Shotokan (Taikyoku and Pinan) and. Kyokushin Karate Kata. Easy to follow videos for Kyokushin Karate Kata. A form of ritualised self-training in which patterned or memorised movements.

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In the King of Okinawa formed an allegiance with the Chinese and a relationship between the two countries flourished, causing migration and cultural exchange between the two. The influence of Kyokushin can be seen in the K-1 kickboxing tournament that originated out of the Seidokaikan karate organization, which is an offshoot from Kyokushin.

Active Interest Media, Inc. The will was proven to be invalid in the family Court of Tokyo in It is based on the point and circle principles of Kempo. Glove karate rules are used in Kyokushin Karate Iran. This kata is a very old Okinawan kata, also known as Tekki in Shotokan.

However, any combination of stances and techniques can be used, and the simplicity of the pattern itself can soon be overtaken by the complexity of the sequences used.

History of Kyokushin Kata

There is more to kata than that. Kankualso known as the rising sun kata or sky gazing.

So many things I never thought about. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Tournament fighting under knockdown karate rules is significantly different as the objective is to down kyoksuhin opponent. This triangle has an even more profound meaning, since we internally invoque three extremly powerful energies: Internationally known [ citation needed ]Japanese-based organizations that claim the name “International Karate Organization” include: A few styles Kansuiryu Karate and Byakuren originated independently of Kyokushin and have adopted the competition format.


Kickboxing has been seen as a natural progression for kyokushin competitors [ citation needed ] and many of Japan’s top kickboxers [ who? Through the practice of kata, the traditional techniques used for fighting are learned. Some organizations have removed the “Dai” from the name, calling it only “Kanku”, as there is no “Sho” or other alternate Kanku variation practiced in kyokushin.

Kata | The Martial Way

The name Gekisai means “attack and smash”. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Thanks ,awsome ,tiger schulmannwas a student under mas oyama in kyokushin.

It is generally classified as belonging to the Tomari-te traditions. These katas teach strength through fluidity of motion, mobility and the utilization of various techniques.

It is also important to understand that the Okinawan fighting systems were closely guarded secrets.

The Kyokushin practise kata are simple in principle, but can be made as complex as the instructor chooses to make them. In Seigokan goju-ryu the kata is known as Kihon Tsuki no kata and is kayas of two Katas created by the founder.

Strong, persistent effort directed to overcome any type of problems will bring good fortune and success. Yantsu is an old kata with unknown origin that is alternately classified as belonging to the Naha-te or Tomari-te karate tradition. Jean Kujo, from the Virtua Fighter series, practices varied forms of full-contact karate, including Kyokushin Karate. Sanchin is an isometric kata where each move is performed in a state of complete tension, accompanied by powerful, deep breathing ibuki that originates in the lower abdomen tan den.


The word yansu also means to keep pure, striving to maintain the purity of principles and ideals rather than compromising for kykkushin objectives.

History of Kyokushin Kata | The Martial Way

The southern kata stems from the Naha-te tradition of karate, and are mostly drawn from Goju-ryu karate, which Oyama learned while training under So Nei Chu and Gogen Yamaguchi. Under the IFK kyokuxhin regimen, there exists also a 24 step sequence where one moves forward, turns, and moves in the opposite direction, and then back again in a particular sequence.

Therefore their Kata and its application, or bunkaibecame secretive. Kyokushin kaikan Combat sports. Yansu is derived from the characters Yan, meaning safe, and Su, meaning three. Learn how ykokushin comment data is processed.

There are however some who claim that it is merely a variation of an old, and now lost, Chinese kata known as “rokkishu” mentioned in the Bubishi an ancient text often called the “Bible of Karate”.