“Kyma-X Revealed” from the website for $ It is very very well written and extremely in depth. So as far as documentation goes, the documentation is excellent. Kyma X is like your ‘daw’ it has a timeline if you require, so you can work you buy the Kyma X revealed book and see if you think it is for you. Introduction to the Kyma Sound Design Workstation company: software: Kyma X () hardware: Capybara• host computer. (Kyma X) KymaX revealed.

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It sounds like you did a lot of research on the frequency domain and it reminds me a bit the Michael Norris plug-in suite.

What I often hear from a kyma friend is that reaktor has its own sound you can recognize easily. I really like the Kyma info thanks for sharing as I got one too. Obviously, only a little percentage of that was used, because some of it was intended for some other projects.

Its true often reaktor does not sound that polished, e. All of that said, the ability to analyze one sound and apply its spectral characteristics to another sound – to morph the sound of raindrops into the sound of a piano into the sound of a crackling fire, and that’s just the tiniest glimpse of what an adept user can do – is amazing, and probably not accessible on any other system.

That said, the sound lab kyma will be a investment if you wanna get really own unusal sounds.

It goes right away in Kyma and returns on a record track within Pro Tools. I record in real time a long performance that I cut on picture afterwards. Try looking for a youtube video on “Kyma Tau editor” and you get basically two videos, one moving quite slowly and sounding really bad in places and the other giving you some alien cricket sounds. Some thoughts would be nice, cause I love the idea of having dsp running such machine What are you guys thinking about Kyma from Symbolic Sound?

  BOFIA 2009 PDF

Julian May 4th, What you think of Max 7 sonic potential? Danijel August 29th, In terms of what you get for your money and your timeReaktor and its ever growing UL continue to amaze me. ExiannycOct 27, In Kyma you tend not to use too many modules to create your sounds, most are created with just a few.

The way I see it Kyma and Reaktor are really very different things. Unfortunately before the UL rating system was updated, many of these were very old, and used factory components that now sound dated and tired. If you purchase hardware from a third party, we will still provide free tech support and free software updates; however, the next major software release will not be free.

Sound Effects Recording & Sound Design Blog

The vocoder has been used for decades and decades and is well known for making synthetic robot voices. ExiannycOct 26, Seems like to me all you need is a computer that’s more powerful. The idea of an extremely powerful external DSP box that has huge sonic potential is very appealing.

And it keeps me coming back to them. Missing argument 2 for wpdb:: Where is the best place for tutorial kyyma So, I downloaded a few trailers I found interesting in terms of visual texture and dynamic, converted them into quicktime DV, brought them up in a ProTools session and started to record while performing my sounds in real time on picture.

I am the kind of person who would list the tools he had used in his liner notes.

Digging in Kyma. | Jean-Edouard Miclot

ervealed Do you already have an account? Any new user is likely to head to the UL as it is a selling point. I was going through my libraries listening to ratchets when I came down on an click of an old 35mm camera. I think it is a valid idea, for people who need that level of power. Just contact Symbolic Sound. Buying from a Third Party If you see a used Paca, Pacarana, or Revealfd offered for sale or auction, please protect yourself by taking the following under consideration: E-MAIL required – will not be published.


Everything runs in series but each block has his own bypass toggle. They are truly musical instruments and works of art.

He also made a whole record called “Motormouth: EvilDragonOct 21, Kyma seems to be not so well integrated in ones setup, because of additional soundcard and no kyma plugin. Have you ever tried?

Jean-Edouard Miclot June 18th, Also, in my opinion, the GUI is ugly. Click here to cancel reply. Evil echos and delays. Just wanna comment that you have a very nice websiteI love the pattern it actually stands out. Josh May 22nd, ZendaOct 25, Sound Design Digging in Kyma.

Thanks for the free scapes sound bank and I just saw transform so will probably buy that too Keep up the good work! ZendaOct 26, Symbolic Sound can confirm yes or no whether the serial number matches the name of the person who has registered that system.

That seems to be some people’s experience in Kyma. I think you get a lot of bang for your buck with Reaktor.