Le karaté est-il de l’auto-défense? Est-ce que vous pratiquez la self-défense? Est-ce que vous avez déjà suivi un cours spécifique d’auto-défense?. The structure of the kumite katas 2. Taisabaki no kata in wado-ryu 3. Kumite gatas 1 – 36 4. The three elements of kumite gata and wado-ryu as. Not to comment about the content of Klemola’s work – as I haven’t trained Kumite Gata (officially), but does anyone know where/who he learnt it.

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If you don’t want to put it in the public domain just yet, you could pm me. Brodie We have done this recently This is for beginners to 6th kyu and links the kata and kihon that we chnaged as well with kumite.

I shall PM you details then remind me and we could have a chat about it. This is being rewritten up at the meoment and should be in a more useable form by the new year I hope. There were a some comments querying the validity of Timo Klemola’s instruction although he seems to have trained under both Jiro Ohtsuka and Masafumi Shiomitsu who visited Finland quite often, so his primary sources of information would seem to be good. While some of them are against karate attacks, which is kumits always ideal for self-defence work, the ideas of using tai sabaki and ashi sabaki to move off the attack line and also upsetting the attacker’s balance are very useful.

Chapters 3 and 4 are tightly packed with technical descriptions of the kata and I think are only of use to a student who also practices under the tuition of a skilled Wado sensei. I was exposed to a bit of Wado training with Andy Daly in Bridgwater, and their pairwork was one of the things that impressed and interested me the most.


I suppose I need to do some more video! The book has been discussed on several Wado-focussed forums and whilst kumits trashed, hasn’t been whole heartedly welcomed.

Kumite Gata No 7 – Mansfield Karate Club

Wed Mar 06, 1: All styles have something to offer and all style are ‘bullshit’ – Master Ken’s wisdom! Chapter 5 discusses and illustrates principles of kuzushi, taking your agta balance, which does occur in Shotokan but not at these levels of subtlety.

The Kumite gata are a blend of Wado’s Kihon gumtie in close pair-work and Aiki Jutsu I’ve been training Wado for many years and I truly believe that these and the Kihons are really what Wado is about as a style, Wado having from what I know of the most comprehensive set pair-work of Karate, Orginally the pair-work was massive more so then today standards with the total number of each being: Page 1 of 2.

So why would someone, whose primary background is Shotokan ie me be interested in this book and indeed I do think that some of it’s content is of interest to those who want to know more about karate in general.

Ace Karate Forum

The kumite gatas are described as katas, but not like the solo forms we are most familiar with, they are two man kata, a format common in other types of Japanese martial arts, but which have either become lost or were never part of training in the other mainstream styles of karate-do. The actual kata themselves remind me of the flow-drills taught by Iain Abernethy, perhaps not surprising since I believe his background is in Wado Ryu.


You may well be right, which is a bit sad really. Wed Dec 19, 9: The techniques in the kumite gatas appear to be mostly derived from Naihanchi Tekki which gives the clue that this is concerned with close quarter combat and they are split into 3 sections based on timing reactive, simultaneous and pre-emptive each dealing with attacks to jodan, chudan and gedan. I would be very interested to see how you have done this, Andi.

Fri Mar 29, 4: One of the issues that I ran into gaga moving to Cambridge was the “Not Trained Here” syndrome and there you are talking about different sensei kumote the Shotokan style insisting that what they taught was The Way. Tue Dec 18, 1: Previous topic Next topic.

To my mind they are much better than our three step and five step sparring, which I think actually inculcate habits that will inevitably get us into trouble in a self-defence situation.

Was pretty disillusioned for a while. Tue Dec 04, Particularly, what you include at each grade. Chapter 6 is about kyushu-jutsu – vital point striking – again not something we are routinely taught but is covered briefly kumiye the early Funakoshi works.

Users browsing this forum: There is a fair amount of that in Camberwick, but may be you didn’t look far enough. However, Chapter 2, is gwta on tai sabaki and details some practice drills which I think are probably useful to us all. Mon Dec 10, 9: Ace Karate Forum www.