Homemade belt grinder patterned after a KMG design. Tag: KMG clone. Homemade 2×72 Belt Grinder. Ever since I saw a belt grinder in use, I saw the many uses it could have in the shop. After pricing them, I found. Heres a photo summary of a KMG clone I built based on Mike Clercs drawings. Mike was very helpful when I had questions about his plans so.

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KMG clone I built | Canadian Knifemaker

The time now is User Name Remember Me? And I already like it.

Last edited by squigly; at I bought a 3 Phase electric motor and a VFDhope to make the grinding test in a piece of steel soon Any suggestions, comments or questions are welcome. Can anyone, who has built a KMG Clone with these plans, inform me of, if I can make the entire construction using aluminium plating, using the same thicknesses, or would I have to use thicker plate. My home built first attempt 2″x 72″ belt grinderall aluminum. I want to build a motor driven rotary axis for my milland C,one trying to find some decent designs for lcone.


God forbid, but you have to plan for the worst case. GrouchOct 6, The EFFR off the wilmot site. I didn’t even get a chance clons put a filter on mine before it spit chunks.

But it would help rigidity. Last edited by PaulHoffman; at It could always be done in the future if you wanted to go that way. Just looked through the plans.

What we are doing is a lot dustier than machining.

I can only post 10 images at a time so here’s more. Find all posts by Cat skinner. What kind of motor is that. It had lots of power, ran smooth and the variable speed worked great.

Industrial sewing machine motor rpmWats. Find all posts by PaulHoffman.

Homemade KMG Clone Belt Grinder

I cut the tube like in picturethen streched it like hell As we are not so kind or forgiving! Hello from South Africa I am planning this build however I live at my kmv cottage which is m from the sea, so rust is a huge issue for me.

BradAug 6, kjg So, away I went. These plans are great and are what I used when building my KMG clone! But time will tell I guess. A few guys on the machinists sites are running mills and stuff on them and they seem to be for the most part happy with them. Its a very nice compact design.


Grayzer86Oct 6, I am going to kmmg locking casters on the table so that the unit can be mobile. And it was free so I tried clnoe. Will start a new topic with a build log in a few days You can read all about it in temporary belt grinder thread I started a while back. For the time being I have another ” problem ” Right now I need a motor and drive wheel and it should be ready to go.

Find all posts by Imakethings. I want that knife to look so good you kmf have to pick it up, feel so good in your hand you can’t wait to try it, and once you use it, you never want to put it down!

I may have to move the grinding back out to the shed which is now since I finally built an oven, supposed to be the heat treat department.

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