Like a number of the great Persian romantic narratives, the love story of the Sāsānian king Khusraw II (r. AD) and Shīrīn, the Christian princess from . Read and learn for free about the following article: Khusraw Discovers Shirin Bathing. Khosrow discovers Shirin bathing in a pool, Safavid Dynasty, 16th Century. Well look, he didn’t say “Suppose she’s kiddin’”. And he didn’t say.

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Khusraw has a loyal friend and confidante, a well-traveled painter named Shapur. Remaining steadfast in her chastity, she schools him in the art of faithful love. Views Read Edit View history. InKhosrow returned to Persia to take control of the empire and Shirin was made queen.

Few Persian poets of his time would have portrayed anyone but a king or warrior as a hero. The farmers fled for what protection they could get in the cities, while city. In this atmosphere attempts were made to make out of Alexander not only a Muslim but a Persian as well”. While long, senseless wars with the Byzantine Empire had exhausted the energies of these two superpowers of the Near East, inroads by the Christians continued to present formidable challenges to the Persian state and to the official religion, Zoroas-trianism.

For exercise—and probably to escape the constraints of court life—they liked to hunt on horseback or with falcons. For Shirin that word is beautiful.

“Khusraw and Shirin”

Shirin fled with Khosrow to Syriawhere they lived under the protection of Byzantine emperor Maurice. Dreaming of the unattainable woman and her black horse, Khusraw weeps as he travels on to Armenia. When the time has come to dispose of Farhad, Khosrow sends a messenger to tell him that Shirin has died from a fever and so Farhad kills himself.

For love of Shirin, the stonemason Farhad tackles the supposedly khosroww task of carving a path for caravans through Mount Bisutun, a site that actually exists in west-central Iran. He created a bridge between Islamic Iran and pre-Islamic Iran and also between Iran and the whole ancient world. Courses, lectures and workshops Schools Current projects Past projects.


Chelkowski, Mirror of the Sbirin World: Print this article Print all entries for anf topic Cite this article. Closely related to them were the orders of Sufis Muslim mysticsestablished about a century before Nizamfs lifetime. Again, Shapur is sent to bring Shirin.

Meanwhile, because of conspiring adversaries, Khusraw is forced to flee his palace in disguise and sets a course for Armenia to find Shirin. For several centuries the Sasanians, whose official religion was Zoroas-trianism, competed with the Christian Byzantine Empire to the west.

Khosrow and Shirin | urduwallahs

Except none of this is true: Shah ‘Abbas — Ruling an empire. From the time that I conceived this request and these intentions, until Syirin reached Rhosochosron, not more than ten days elapsed, when thou, O Saint, not on account of my worthiness but thy kindness, appearedst to me in a vision of the night and didst thrice tell me that Sira should conceive, while, in the same vision, thrice I replied, It is well. This is a famous moment in Persian literature.

Hearing Shapur’s descriptions of Shirin’s flawless features, the young prince falls in love with Shirin, the Armenian princess. One final thing about Khosrow: December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Nizami of Ganja c.

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The viewer has to divine the story by only ever seeing these emoting faces and listening to the film’s soundtrack. Khusraw learns of her arrival, but, because of his marriage, communicates with her only through messages. There is, however, private cause for rejoicing. Exhausted one night, she falls asleep.

In many ways the Sasanian Empire of the seventh C. A contrary reading of the painting might interpret the rosy cheeks of Khusraw and his partner as indicating their awareness of the bathing Shirin. He may have drawn on a particular story in this genre: He built himself two churches for Marie Maryam and a large church and a castle in the country of Beth Lashpar for his wife Shirin, the Aramean.


If he wants to see her, he will have to saddle up Shabdiz and come himself. The tale has been retold by countless Sufi poets and writers in areas which were previously part of the Persian Empire or had Persian influences, such as the northern parts of the neighboring Indian subcontinent. Although these monuments were from a fairly recent, for them, pre-Islamic period, the early Muslim Persians did not know much shirjn their ancestors.

News of his passion reaches Khusraw, who, failing to bribe Farhad to abandon Shirin, tries shorin occupy the mason with a supposedly impossible task.

Khosrow and Shirin – Wikipedia

After Khosrow’s son kills him, the son demands that Shirin marry him, which she avoids by committing suicide. Because this site lies by an ancient thoroughfare, Taq-i Bustan was visible to many travelers, who spread word of its beautiful carved grottoes and garden.

Acknowledgements Love and Devotion: But such duos are far more common in Islamic and Khosroe lands. Suddenly, he came upon the pool in the emerald field and saw Shirin sitting in the water like a lily.

Sometimes he chops his head off with an axe! Khosrow asks forgiveness and repents his offence. In principle the king was supposed to marry a sister, although this may not have always happened.

This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat Her reticence to commit to either king or architect two professions that are prevalent in contemporary rom-coms though rarely concurrently would make more sense if she did not like either of them, if hers were in fact a tale of captivity.

If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. Hearing this false news, Farhad throws himself from the mountaintop and dies.