Find great deals on eBay for Kawasaki KXF Manual in Kawasaki. Shop with confidence. Kawasaki KXF — Owner’s Manual. Posted on 11 Sep, Model: Kawasaki KXF Pages: File size: 3 MB. Download Manual. Manual . KXF & RM-z Service Manual – MXGuy. Tue, 18 Dec GMT. I recently obtained the Kawasaki KXF Service Manual and.

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Avoid all harsh chemicals, solvents, detergents, and household cleaning products such as ammo- General Precautions nia-based window cleaners.

Page – Fuel injector output mnaual inspection Page – Injector fuel line inspection Page Page Page – Upstream injector resistance inspection Page Page – Upstream injector output voltage inspect Check and adjust the throttle cable in accordance with the Periodic Maintenance Chart.

2014 Kawasaki KX250F — Owner’s Manual

The kx250g item is shown in the above photos. Be sure the cables, harnesses and hoses are routed properly and do not interfere with handlebar move- ment see Cable, Wire, and Hose Routing section in the Appendix chapter.

Adjust the spring preload to suit your preference under certain conditions. Throttle Full Open UR: Special tools, gauges, and venient operation. Immediately wash away any coolant that spills on the frame, engine, or wheel. Consult your authorized Kawasaki dealer or local environmental waste agency for their proper disposal procedure. Replace the circlip with a new one. Fuel Avoid filling the tank in the rain or where heavy dust Fuel is blowing so that the fuel does not get contaminated.


Throttle body holder loose Spark plug cap shorted or not in good con Friction Plate Thickness 2. BRAKES Brake Fluid Brake Line Bleeding The brake fluid has a very low compression coefficient so that almost all the movement of the brake lever or pedal is transmitted directly to the caliper for braking action. Torque – Oil Pump Mounting Bolts: Steering Stem Head B. Clamp Hold the main harness. Clutch Spring Bolts B. Do not attempt to ride the motorcycle until a firm brake lever is obtained by pumping the lever until the pads are against the disc.

Kawasaki KXF Manual | eBay

Other- wise, the motorcycle cannot clear the regulation. So what you see is exactly what you will receive.

Instead of measuring, inspect the bearing for abrasion, color change, or other damage. Resistance see text Vehicle-down Sensor: Road Clearance mm Kawsaki Spring Compressor Special Tool: Pages will stay open, you won’t lose your page. To adjust the brake lever position, slide the front brake lever dust cover back, and loosen the lock- nut, and turn the adjuster to either side with a Disc Brake Fluid wrench. How- ever, if improperly conducted, this sport has the potential to cause environmental problems as well as conflicts with other people.

Muffler Mounting Bolt Front C. This can damage or warp the disc. Air pressure in the fork legs increase with normal use, so the fork action stiffens during operation. The picture is of the actual item you will receive. Water temperature sensor trouble Inspect see chapter 3. After racing, first clean the motorcycle, then in- spect the entire motorcycle with special attention to the air cleaner, brakes, etc.


More Than 1 mm 0. Right Front Axle Clamp Bolts ified torque.

Torque and Locking Agent Recommended Coolant Permanent type antifreeze soft water and ethylene glycol plus corrosion and maanual inhibitor chemicals for Don’t have an account? Kawasaki Diagnostic System Connector Nothing flashy, just all the information you need for a co mplete repair and or rebuild of your KXF that you can view on your computer at a fraction of kawwsaki cost of a paper Also check if the element is in good condition no tears, hardening or shrinkage.

Steering Stem Head Nut C. Remove the muffler cover with the plastic mallet.

If only a piston is replaced, the clearance may exceed the standard slightly. Instead, pray about everything.

Owner’s Manuals & Service Manuals | Kawasaki Vehicles

Wipe out any spilled oil. Front Brake Fluid Reservoir 2. Torque – Reed Valve Screws [C]: Seat Height mm