Karel Hynek Macha. Translation by Edith Pargeter Czech original. 1. Late evening, on the first of May— The twilit May—the time of love. Meltingly called the . Karel Hynek Mácha was born in in an old part of Prague where his father was the foreman at The epic romantic poem Máj (May) was written in Czech. Karel Hynek Mácha Every Czech child, by the time he or she is nine or ten, can quote the opening lines of May, “Byl pozdní večer – první máj.

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Want to Read saving…. The turtledove, closing the canto, cries “Jarmila! The flowers, the plumes he’s wearing, The hat, the eye beneath it glaring— His very cloak—’Tis he,’tis he! Old Town Hall tower vantage point for biggest ever photograph of Prague.

Her eyes on distance fix and frown— In haste she dries her blinding tears, Beneath her shading hand she peers, And on the distant shore she fastens, Where in the hills the mi creeps hiding; Over the waves live sparks go gliding, Star after watery starlet bastens.

Czech entrepreneur during Habsburg rule Alfons Mucha: He also stopped in Ljubljana and Vienna on his way back to Prague. karrel

May 1st – The Time of Love

He also was a stellar student in Czech and Latin. Into the earth, so beautiful, so beloved. No winds blow more, nor waves complain, Nor even the far, sweet pipe of pain, And in the bosom in the cell Dead silence, utter darkness dwell. Whispered of love the mosses frail, The flowering tree as sweetly lied, The rose’s fragrant sigh replied To love-songs of the nightingale.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Cloud veils the moon, and shadow reigns Over the earth, but no shade mars The zenith glittering with stars; With points of fire the lake they stain, That flash and fade in waters hollow. Over the dark hills rosy day Arises, the May valley wakes; Above the woods, as morning breaks, Like mist lies long the dream of May.

Incessantly the watery chime Of slow drops kardl metes out time, And wind and wawes as one complain; To Vilem’s ear of death they tell. At the rock’s rim she glimmers whitely; A silken standard flies her gown, In evening zephyrs fluttering lightly. And in my grieving eyes two hot tears rise and iarel, Glittering down my cheeks as sparks play in the lake; For my young years, mine too, my childhood golden-gay, Time in its headlong flight has seized and borne away.


Why at my father’s hands deflowered?

Karel Hynek Mácha | Radio Prague

An eventide of May on a rocky, desolate shore: Gazing upon his face, mute round the little hill The unquiet multitude awaits the long day’s ending, Till the declining sun draws to the west once more, Into the head’s blind eyes its gay last laughter sending.

Broadcast in English Broadcast Archive. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. So I decided to read it in Czech. Within his words Macha also embodies a lot of the type of emotional pain that one finds in a work like Young Werther, by Goethe.

Forward I spurred in fear, there where the safe town hailed me, And asked what wheel, what bones were these which grimly grew there, The old innkeeper told the story all men knew there- The story I have told-and on that wheel impaled me.

Considered the “pearl” of Czech poetry, it is a tale of seduction, revenge, and patricide. In the far mountains’ dark confine Pine leans to birch and birch to pine. Light laughter on the lips, deep grief in the heart’s core. Be one among us, know us well, No more be doomed alone to dwell. Considered the “pearl” of Czech poetry, it is a tale of seduction, revenge, and patricide.

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Karel Hynek Mácha: the poet of lovers

Silver and shade agreeing! So dies the dreaded Forest King! Glorious may his burial be! A paean as well to nature, the beauty of its music and its innovative use of language, expertly captured in this new translation by Marcela Sulak, has ensured the poem’s lasting popularity. But his contemporaries did not understand that and actually shunned him for writing about such horrible and decadent themes as a captive, a criminal and individual love, which violates social codes.

Whose crime does the dawn’s death requite? Bear for his guilt, and your own shame, My bitter curse, and the world’s blame! There in the midnight land, far as the eye’s reach ranging, Through valleys, over hills, by forest, lake and meadow, A wide, white pall of snow lay level and unchanging, Over the skull and wheel-all white without a shadow. Retrieved from ” https: But also just a great choice for anybody loving quality in literature.


His voice to silence falls; Down he climbs through the rocky walls, Outward his boat goes gliding. Beyond the hill there slips away A young wood, murmuring mournfully; Radiant the sun on vale and lea— The morning dew—the morning May.

Karel Hynek Mácha: A leading poet of Czech Romanticism

It was after a rehearsal during the winter hyneo that he met the love of his life, Lori, with whom he had an illegitimate son. In order to keep the rhyme, I would have had to invert the sentence structure and it would have sounded very formal, very artificial.

Moravian Christmas — how different is it from that in Bohemia? I knew him not! From talking to Czechs, it seems like this book is seen by many of them as a bit of krael drag – something they had to read at school when they were 15 or so, their ”Romeo and Juliet” or ”To Kill a Mockingbird”, etc.

hynel This somewhat bleak-sounding subject-matter is embellished with novel and powerful imagery, particularly of nature, and the poem excels in matching nature, em This poem represented a breakthrough in terms of technique and content when it was published in Czech in Why lost ere ever she was found?

I hnek to tell a story through my photographs. They planned to marry on November 8,but fate would intervene. That helps to explain the beauty of the language, where he is describing the natural world…. Still stands the guard in dreadful dreaming, Like bees in swarm his tears come teeming, Sorrow his heart within him sears.

And deep compassion folds its hands on every heart.