Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It has ratings and reviews. Julie said: Yes, the book is short, simple and reiterates a familiar self-h. Speaker, entrepreneur, and self-published best-selling author, Kamal Ravikant, shares his unique story that lead him to stumble into a career. emails back and forth during the prior year, I was getting all set to meet Kamal Ravikant. Naval had a GPS specifically attached to where Kamal was. As Kamal then says in the just published book, “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends.

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All through reading the book I kept on thinking what if Raskalnikov from Crime and Punishment was reading this? It probably should have been a long blog post at least for me, others love it. How does it change anything? It seems ridiculous to think of these brilliant characters, these extraordinary people overcoming the trials they faced by repeating to themselves “I love myself”. Thus, solutions that work effectively are simple and work for all. Quick read, some good but difficult to follow advice as I find it hard to stop the negative thoughts in my head that have been built there as he says as pathways, some since childhood – but worth trying, nevertheless.

340: Kamal Ravikant: Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It

When dealing with anxiety which is closely kmaal Yes, the book is short, simple and reiterates a familiar self-help axiom. I found this book surprisingly touching.

I have been trying for hours but still I couldn’t get a copy of this book on my phone. Fortunately not too much time. So here I go. With emotion, with feeling, with acceptance. But the opposite is also true, and this is the magic of the book.


And i may never like or love it… but i intend to learn from it. I found it through James Altucher’s recommendation. Run it again and again. This book starts off with the author rather than talking greatly of himself and how many books he has sold like other writers would do, he writes of himself in a lower status of emotional confidence which I found extremely ironic considering the title of the book.

You can hardly go wrong. Mostly ones that don’t serve us. Kamal was in a bad way. Let go of the ego, let go of attachments, let go of who I think I should be, who others think I should be. It’s something I learned from within myself, something I be In December ofI gave a talk to an audience of scientists, Pentagon officials, politicians, and CEO’s on the secret of life and how I’d figured it out the previous summer.

His emotional arms and legs were torn off.

Book Summary: Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

And i promptly forgot about it. Anya This won’t help you, as my reply’s a year late, but hopefully it will the next person to come here wondering the same thing — it’s downloadable at …more This won’t help you, as my reply’s a year late, but hopefully it will the next person to come here lovw the same yourswlf — it’s downloadable at http: Should I read this?

What did I learn? From this realization came another, simpler realization: Fear makes it very difficult to experience love.

You have a choice. I breathe slowly, naturally. He ravijant Amazon directly, uploaded the book and it became available within days after he wrote it. Standing alone is done alone and then others may join.

Love Yourself As If Your Life Depended On It

How to do that? I’ve trekked to one of the highest base camps in the Himalayas, meditated with Tibetan monks in the Dalai Lama’s monastery, earned pove US Army Infantry patch, walked miles across Spain, lived in Paris, been yourselg only non-black, non-woman member of the Black Women’s writers’ group, written a novel, held the hands of dy I’ve been fortunate enough to have some amazing experiences in my life so far.

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Want to Read saving….

These are what I came up with when I was bottom to literally save myself. He also figured out the situation with his business and when I saw him in NYC it was as if a gigantic weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

It has a very simple yet powerful message. As I continued on to read it started to feel like a speech, but not a ba A 68 paged book about loving oneself. Love expands what fear has contracted, a process that creates a domino affect in your life.

Mike Hrostoski required reading for his men’s conference. Like going to the gym, brushing our teeth. Feb 25, Vani rated it it was amazing. Open Preview See a Problem?

There are many better books on this subject.

Love Yourself As If Your Life Depended On It – James Altucher

I knew from our correspondences that Kamal had been going through a hard time before he got sick. I yojrself like this book at all.

I received this book recommendation from a friend. If you loved yourself truly and deeply, you would naturally give yourself that. Instead, go to love. And the challenge is in prolonging the Ups and shortening the Downs. This had been going on for months.