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A large number of emigrants joined the German colonization movement whose destination was Polish cities see below. With the evolution of agricultural technology and the expansion of cultivated lands, Poland “became the granary of Europe” and entered its Golden Age. The situation changed with the coronation of Ferdinand of Hapsburg. However, the lack of political unity continued to hinder full industrialization. Extrapolating backwards we arrive at a population of aboutfor West Prussia in Poland in the 19th century was characterized by urbanization, affranchisement of the peasants inthe emergence of capitalism, uneven industrialization, the coming of the railways and large scale emigration.

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Kolb also provides a breakdown of the population of the Reich by region ibid. They had no medical education and their knowledge was usually based on experience. The hixtorii reasons cited by Schmelz for low Jewish infant mortality are childcare practices and family formation, due to their impact on the environment of Jewish infants and young children.

In Jewish communities kalinq Poland Lithuania during the early modern period, wet nurses were primarily employed when a mother died, when she couldn’t breastfeed herself, or when she refused to breastfeed. Among the upper classes, the mother and baby were isolated right after birth.

Midwives bartnnicka the ones who normally assisted in a birth and with postpartum care. Like many concepts in the book world, “series” is a somewhat fluid and contested notion.

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For both the total population and Jews in Poland, the end of WWI marks the hisstorii of phase III of the demographic transition, during which birth rates decline less than death rates and the rate of natural increase reaches 1. Browsing All Articles Articles.


The Shulchan Aruch puts it as follows: The zaryz of the period into the two sub periods of and was chosen in order to reflect geopolitical changes and in particular the disintegration of Poland Lithuania, the emergence of the Industrial Revolution, and the change in the rate of population growth in both regions.

The husband must then pay for the nursing.

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According to Zimerthe rules of female postpartum purity became stricter in the 13th and 14th centuries. The rates of infant mortality were found to be You are using the new servers!

Nonetheless, the period of breastfeeding was similar in Jewish and Christian families during the Middle Ages. In this section, we aggregate the data for PL and GA in view of the similarity between the two regions and the lack of extensive data on each separately.

According to Hebrew records from the second half of the 10th century onward, shop keeping, local trade, long distance commerce, toll collection, minting, and money changing were the main occupations of German Jewry. Despite a strong nationalist movement and armed uprisings, which kept national identity alive throughout the 19th century, Poland gained back its independence only under the Treaty of Versailles.

Based on these figures, DellaPergola claimed that demographic transition started much earlier by between several decades and a century among Jews than among non Jews. Based on that rate, the population was 11, in When the mother is deceased, custody is always to be granted to the father unless he is unfit.

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Second, marriage provided a legitimate outlet for licit sexual activity. By the end of that century century, however, the Jewish population in Poland Lithuania was twice as large ass that in GA and by three times as large. In addition, the incidence of breastfeeding was higher and the proportion of mothers working outside the home was lower. However, by the mid 18th century the Jewish population wychowanix 0.


The commandment to procreate had been placed on men, with women being the conduit through which this commandment was to be fulfilled. In 15th century Florence, for example, children remained with the same wet nurse for only ten months. In particular, they have focused on the population growth of the Jews in Poland Lithuania and zxrys cited lower infant and child mortality among Jews as one of the prime reasons for their high population growth.

He advised women to leave the newborn hungry for two days and then employ a wet nurse. For the total population insee Millerpp. Netherlands and Aychowania became independent states; Alsace was annexed by France; Pomerania became temporarily Swedish; and France emerged as the dominant European power. Kuklo follows Gieysztorowa’s study of hisrorii three main provinces of Polandpp.

Within two centuries, through continuous Christianization of the population, establishment of a monarchy in and political structures, regional economic advancement and territorial conquest, the country developed into a powerful kingdom under the Piast dynasty and was integrated into European culture as the eastern flank of Christendom. In the case that the father is deceased, the mother does not have an indisputable legal claim to custody of the children.

Hence, it was usually preferred that a wet nurse be hired in advance in order to avoid sudden weaning. In the belief that breast milk was transformed and purified menstrual blood, children were taken from the breast should their wet nurse menstruate or become pregnant. Many such visits turned into celebrations by the women. Thus, the results indicate that Jews had 27 35 percent lower child mortality conditional on behavioral and other indicators.

There are also some herbs that can be used to stop lactation.