Trend dan punca penggunaan dadah di kalangan penagih dadah Jurnal Antidadah Malaysia (Malaysian Anti-Drugs Journal), 2 (2). pp. Faktor penagihan dadah dalam kalangan penagih dadah wanita di PUSPEN Bachok, Penjara Kajang dan Jurnal Antidadah Malaysia, 6 (2). Pengajaran penyalahgunaan dadah dalam kalangan pelajar tingkatan empat Jurnal Antidadah Malaysia, 5 (1). ISSN

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Impact of substance abuse on academic performance among adolescent students of colleges of education in Kwara State, Nigeria. It involves 31 male students and 49 female students. The role of self-esteem in tendency towards drugs, theft and prostitution. A Retrospective Chart Review. Suicide Risk in Depressed Methadonemaintained Patients: Family Therapy of Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

Findings showed that there is a significant difference between students who have taken drugs and those who have never used it for dimension of hindering behavior, involvement in drug-related activities and information on how to distribute, risk factors of the involvement of immediate family members with drugs and negative consequences of drug intake. Adolescents, alcohol, and substance abuse: Laman Web Statistik Penyalahgunaan Dadah http: More information and software credits.


The relationship between the age penxgihan onset for delinquent behavior and chronic drug abuse among adolescents View abstract View references 7 Sabitha Marican; Mahmood Nazar Mohamed; Rosnah Ismail. Faktor yang mendorong pencapaian akademik pelajar dalam program kimpalan di Kolej Vokasional.


Needle syringe exchange program in Malaysia. Center for Substance Abuse Treatment.

Pengajaran penyalahgunaan dadah dalam kalangan pelajar tingkatan empat

Fakulti Pendidikan, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Findings from a National Database. British Journal of Addiction.

Ethical principles of psychologists and code of conduct. Findings from this research yielded wide implications to improve drug abuse treatment and rehabilitation programs in an institution, particularly among women drug users in Malaysia. Drug prevention and living without drugs. Stress, Vulnerability and Adult Alcohol Relapse. Women, Drug Use and Parenting in Dublin: Therefore, this study aims to identify the extent of the level of knowledge of the drug, especially in relation to the differences of attitudes in terms of physical effects, peagihan behaviors, involvement in drug-related activities and information on how penagiahn distribute, attitude towards self and future, and risk factors amongst students who did take drugs as compared to who never took it.

Journal of Drug Issues, 15, The relationship between the age of onset for delinquent behavior and chronic drug abuse among adolescents. Prediction of Treatment Outcomes: Factor Effecting Drug Relapse in Malaysia: Pengajaran penyalahgunaan dadah dalam kalangan pelajar tingkatan empat.


Substance use among students and out of school youth in urban area of Nigeria. Girls, Women and Substance Use.

MyJurnal – Malaysian Citation Centre

Jurnal Antidadah Malaysia, 5 1. Journal of Marriage and Family. Any opinions, discussions, views and recommendations expressed in the article are solely those of the authors and are not of Jurnal Psikologi Malaysia, its editors or its publisher. Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics of North America.

Determination of juvenile delinquency development among pupils in Machakos Rehabilitation Schools. This research examines the effectiveness of drug abuse education in school.

In Toward a drugs and crime research agenda for the 21st century NCJ Could the peer group explain school differences in pupil smoking rates? Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutics.

The respondents of this study are 80 participants who are basically involved in drug abuse education class. Development of self esteem as a function of familial reception. Keberkesanan program kaunseling rawatan dan pemulihan dadah dari perspektif penghuni pusat serenti View abstract View references 2 Faisal Hj. Behaviour Jurjal Systems Training: