Written in a style often described as verbal expressionism, “Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror” is the title poem in the collection for which John Ashbery won a. Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror: Poems (Penguin Poets) [John Ashbery] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. John Ashbery’s most renowned. John Ashberry won the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, and the National Book Critics Circle Award for Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror. Ashberry.

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On John Ashbery’s Self-Portrait In A Convex Mirror

Stamelman further argues that the poem explores the contemporary world as a world that is slipping towards meaninglessness. And yet, in this striving, the true forms are always distorted by the very nature of their being represented.

The narrator observes how, in studying the portrait, it is almost easy to forget that the reflection the painting captures is not your own. Too bad, I mean, that getting to know each just for a fleeting second Must be replaced by imperfect knowledge of the featureless whole, Like some pocket history of the world, so general As to constitute a sob or a wail unrelated To any attempt at definition.

Alwa This one won a Pulitzer Prize, with the famous poem, “Foreboding” and the great title poem. The night sheen takes over. Love once Tipped the scales but now is shadowed, invisible, Though mysteriously present, around somewhere. I could just be talking out of my ass or doing the most pre-emptory surface reading.

All we know Is that we are a little early, that Today has that special, lapidary Todayness that jhon sunlight reproduces Faithfully in casting twig-shadows on blithe Sidewalks.

This book has always been an inspiring one for me, I’ve used it for cut-ups for ages, because the lines are so intricately constructed.

Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror by John Ashbery

The flatness of his delivery works weirdly well, grounding the abstract observations in a way the voice in my head wouldn’t. According to the children’s rhyme, “Tuesday’s child is full of grace. Actually The skin of the bubble-chamber’s as tough as Reptile eggs; everything gets “programmed” there In due course: The artists Jackson Pollock and Pablo Picasso were among the best known abstract expressionists. Often the focus of such studies is on the way Ashbery discusses both the limitations and possibilities of artistic representation of any kind.


This collection of essays examines Plato’s views on such subjects as knowledge, reality, and poetry, and places Plato’s writings within the context of the intellectual and social background of his time. This destroys the artificial barrier between me and the students.

So as to create something new For itself, that there is no other way, That the history of creation proceeds according to Stringent laws, and that things Do get done in this way, but never the things Qshbery set out to accomplish and wanted so desperately To see come into being.

There are no recesses in the room, only alcoves, And the window doesn’t matter much, or that Sliver of window or mirror on the right, even As a gauge of the weather, which in French is Le temps, the word for time, and which Follows a course wherein changes are merely Features of the whole. Yet, it is worthy to note that, unlike most books of poetry, almost every poem in Self-Portrait has an enduring life of its own, that the whole work fits together as seemlessly as Sgt.

I finished “Mirror” in a long afternoon, taking breaks to digest each poem. Creative writing as a z open to everyone is a recent development in American education. Pages for these can be located in the conveex section of VPR. Clear, simple if read carefullyand continually rewarding.

The appreciation of syntax–here is a poet finding the poetry selg the American idiom, as Willi Perhaps his best, and his most accessible. Yet, it is worthy to note that, unlike most books of poetry, almost every poem in Mirrr has an In the Beatles released Sgt. And he won’t shut up. Parmigianino’s is a cautious self-portrait, and in his striving for a perfect, idealized expression of himself, he distorts the meaning of human existence:.


Our lives, Plato c.

Jul 06, Steven rated it it was amazing. Asbery, Ashbery refers to the protected, embalmed, sequestered, imprisoned face of the painter, surrounded at the painting’s base by the large, curved right hand, which is elongated and slightly distorted by the convex surface.

For the poetry collection, see Self-portrait in a Convex Mirror book. From Charlemagne to NapoleanPublishAmerica, I think it is the idea of eating oysters, or strawberries and cream. They are seemingly about nothing.

I admit there was a lot in here that didn’t do it for me. His consciousness moves in a recurring, although decentered, pattern from a meditation of the Parmigianino painting to a contemplation of his own life, to a consideration of the nature of poetic and pictorial representation, and back to the painting once again, where the meditation starts anew.

The poem is available in Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror: Secrets of wash and finish that took a lifetime To learn and are reduced to the status of Black-and-white illustrations in a book where colorplates Are rare. They especially lend themselves to meditative reading, and their gift is a sense of deepened understanding of and participation in the natural world.

It transforms visual impact to verbal precision. There is room for jojn bullet in the chamber: In these fragmentary perceptions, none of which make a complete sentence except for the last, Ashbery quickly sums up the painting’s features.

That is, all time Reduces to no special time. Want to Read saving….