Safe Area Gorazde is Sacco’s magnum opus and with it he is poised too become “Joe Sacco is a unique figure in modern comics: there is no one else who. Safe Area Goražde has ratings and reviews. Joe Sacco spent five months in war ravaged Bosnia during and put together his experiences for a. In , comics artist and journalist Sacco (Palestine) rode in a supply convoy into the U.N.-designated safe area of Gorazde, a small Bosnian Muslim town.

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Although strictly from the POV’s of Bosnians and never from the side of the enemy, I still believe it’s a great piece of journalistic work How do I put what I’ve just read into words? Bosnians’ sense of humour shines through, arwa that you find yourself giggling at what seems like the most inopportune moments.

The book focuses on the Muslim-held enclave of Gorazde, which was besieged by Bosnian Serbs during the war. Joe Sacco gorzade brilliant work in bringing the war to us using amazing artwork and a compelling narrative sacc. Feb 04, Ruth rated it it was amazing. Feb 10, Melki rated it really liked it Shelves: A picture is worth a thousand words and Sacco grabs ahold of this concept in this profound and enormously well-captured work on the Bosnian War.

As with most complicated histories, the more one reads the more one can understand. To purchase it, click here. Sacco’s style renders the Bosnian landscape and its people beautifully.

Comics of the Decade: Joe Sacco’s Safe Area Goražde « the metabunker

Serbia comes across as the clear “bad guy” in this safs, and yet all sides of the conflict were committing atrocities. Slovakia, Hungary, Crotia, and flew out of Sarajevo. He offers up a history of the war through interviews with survivors, many living in bombed out shells that used to be homes and office buildings. So, even though I found the structure of the book sometimes hard to follow, and the political situation can get confusing, Arez still did a really good job at explaining things, giving stories context and perspective as well as a personal human element through the voices of the survivors.



Bearing witness to tragedy and genocide is a task that requires, and Joe Sacco has certainly demonstrated this strength. Sementara para wanita diperkosa dan dianiaya. He has also contributed short pieces of graphic reportage to a variety of magazines, on subjects ranging from war ssfe to blues, and is a frequent illustrator of Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor.

This should be widely read. He can choose to simplify his rendering of something or somebody to communicate more goraxde memorable portrayal of Riki is a good example: The UN renewed its threats against the Serbs and forced them to back away from the area.

Everyone should read this book. Sacco came in with the truck column, trailing the hack pack there to grab a quick overview while the destination was in the news. After that I read a smattering of books. The Serbs and Muslims had lived together peacefully for a long time, until, with war brewing, it became dangerous to do so. Membaca dan menyimak gambar demi gambar di buku ini benar-benar membuat dada saya sesak.

Edin himself also contributes a substantial part of the wartime testimonials narrated in the book. His novel touches on many friends he met while in country and tries to show a side of the world that was hidden from most of the general public. He pleads with him for help and saves himself by assisting the Sadco load the truck. Apr 09, Michael rated it really safw it Shelves: Such horrendous suffering brought upon people and for what?

Amid this atmosphere, Edin returns home from Sarajevo to protect his family. They were despised by the Bosniak refugees, who lost everything they had at the hands of Serbs; they were equally hated by the Serb militias, who took them for traitors and threatened to kill them. As he draws himself, which he doesn’t often, he’s stubby with big ears, all the better to hear everybody with.


Inthe town is subjected to a second major Serb offensive.

This account is cross-cut with many other testimonies, a very rough, but deadly accurate, guide to the history of the conflict with strategic arae, and brief interludes in which Sacco catches an incident or a mood. Ethnic cleansing, torture, and rape seem sate strange subjects for a graphic novel, yet somehow This is not easy to do with material that relates such a powerful tale of the worst shortcomings of the human race.

Safe Area Goražde: The War in Eastern Bosnia, by Joe Sacco

It must have taken Sacco years: Sacco stands back and lets the interviewees tell their stories, keeping his editorializing and personal reflections to interludes. No one was spared. ComicsNew journalism.

But much of the Serb population had fled during this time, leaving mostly Bosniaks Muslims in Gorazade.

The first attack on the community is realized in Again and again, the eyewitnesses mention how they recognised a neighbour among either the dead or the killers. Mungkin dibutuhkan cita rasa seni yang baik, dan sedikit selera humor, untuk bisa menilai isi dari novel grafis ini secara obyektif.

It was unusual, but it’s not zafe anyone raised a stink about it, because they had no way of judging whether this was appropriate material for comics or not.

And they are, in any case, not totally absent: