Josef Hora, Pracujici den (Prague, ), and Jirir Wolker, Tezka hodina (Prague , ); Milan Blahynka and Jiri Cutka, Nezval a Wolker (Prague, );. březen Jiří Karel Wolker – básník – představitel proletářské poezie – ovlivněn Zdeňkem Nejedlým a František Xaver Šalda – byl členem Literární skupiny. monthly tezka-hodina-souhrnhtml monthly

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Za mych studentskych let nenosivaly jeste zeny takbezne kalhoty jako dnes. Also very much present in my mind are the friends and faculty of my undergraduate life at UCSC.

Styrsky in a beret and long overcoat, a dreamy smile and azure gaze. Toy en’s mother lived in Smichov in the latter s, and bequeathed half a house there perhaps a duplex to her daughters Marie Toyen and Zdena.

For example, Toyen went through a primitivist stage, while Styrsky only dabbled in primitivism.

Jiří Wolker

SVU Manes, ], No previous study of Toyen or the Czech interwar avant-garde has been done in this manner. During the mid-twentieth century, many art historians rejected the idea niri surrealism belonged to either modernism or the avant-garde, and relegated it to a form of romanticist kitsch.

In combination, these provide an understanding of aspects of early twentieth-century Czech culture pertinent to understanding this artist and her work, but which also contribute to understanding the larger interwar Czech cultural milieu. In the case of Styrsky, for instance—admittedly not a very reticent person about his origins—no major retrospective occurred until summer but in there was an exhibition focused on his earliest work and family context, and art historians are busy working out the problem of who actually made his tombstone.

Still, study of Toyen and the interwar Prague jir group has now reached a point where we can begin to move beyond stating basic facts although these still require stating and look at how Toyen’s artistic practices engaged with those of her contemporaries and peers. Richard Seaver and Helen R. She was representative in being something of a New Woman—she worked, wore pants, smoked—and o like many women she attended UMPRUM rather than the fine art academy.


Jiří Karel Wolker by Veronika Šťastná on Prezi

Styrsky’s pictures are the results of research, Toy en’s pictures are still lifes. Zavolali jsme taxi a Manku jsme posadili do vozu. Jeste dfiv, nez se mohlo auto rozjet, hkdina okno, vzala Teigeho kolem krku a truchlivym hlasem mu sdelila: Actually, the photographic evidence does not suggest that Toyen routinely engaged in the classic sort of cross-dressing.

University of Chicago, ], Martin Votruba let me practice my Czech in his Slovak class, despite his natural desire for Slovak supremacy.

Very few took on these themes in art at an early age. They officially tezkq the vote inwhereas French women would not vote until Unless Toyen was photographed in a disproportionate number of skirts, rather than, for example, the coveralls she wore to pack paintings to ship to Paris init appears that writers such as Seifert and Honzik may have exaggerated the extent and character of her “mannish” dress.

And my parents remain mysteriously certain that having a third PhD in the family could be at all a good thing.

It may be that there was a triangular component to the friendship, and that eventually this resolved into the simpler dyad of Styrsky and Toyen For a discussion of love triangles and their overt or submerged bisexuality, see Marjorie Garber, Vice Versa: Both Czech modernist writing and art, particularly but not solely among the surrealists, would make ample use of historical and mythologizing reference. Fry and later critics divided pure objective, formalist art from impure anything that could be considered wish-fulfilling ; for Fry, the only hoduna art was that which caused an aesthetic emotion in the tezma or naturally sympathetic viewer, and only a thing’s final form, not its origin, was worthy 9 of note.


Pod lupou genderu Prague: Toyen also uses many images and concepts that can be related to Freud’s theory hocina the Uncanny, especially as the idea of the Uncanny has been developed in the work of Hal Foster, who proposes that much surrealist work functions in a manner consistent with Freudian repetition of traumatic material.

jiiri For example, she did not, supposedly, indicate that dreams were of importance in her working process unlike Styrsky, who is known to have recorded his dreams and used them in his artbut her fondness for titles such as Dream wolekr Sleeper, as well as the surrealists’ great interest in dreams and other gateways to the unconscious, tell us that she used dreams or the concept of the dream in some fashion. Kristen Harkness keeps me from getting either too uppity or too depressed.

Devetsil’s emphasis on interaction with avant-gardists from all over Europe provided a rich and stimulating intellectual and personal matrix for Toy en’s early development, including for her exploration tszka erotic themes. He and the painter Toyen formed a pair that appeared programmatically during the last fifteen years and jigi the most characteristic exponent of the young generation, which endeavored to guide further developments in contemporary western visual art after the World War, as formed in a complex manner at the 37Karel Srp, Toyen, The French orientation of most literature on surrealism obscures both Toyen’s contribution and that of the Prague surrealist group as a whole.

Recent scholarship, however, has emphasized that First Republic Czechoslovakia was not quite the paradise recalled by its nostalgic survivors. Surrealisticke malifstvi v ceskych zemich,” Umeni 45, no.