Kvalitativní výzkum: základní teorie, metody a aplikace. Praha: Portál. Herman, J., L. (). Trauma and Recovery. The aftermath of violence – from domestic. Article (PDF Available) · January with 53 Reads. DOI: /ag . Cite this publication. Petr Vlček at Masaryk University. only examined case” (Hendl , 57). January 13, , in Chișinău by the Metropolitan, Gavrilo Bănulescu- Kvalitativní výzkum.

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Considering the Field capacity of the soil profile L m Cadmium and zinc accumulation in maize grain as affected by cultivars and chemical fixation amendments.

According to Valovthe content of non-essential amino acids 9. It was demonstrated that a fly ash supplied to the soil contaminated with cadmium mitigated the effects of soil pollution with heavy metals on these metals uptake by maize.

The soil samples were taken from the individual depths of the soil profile in 5, 10, 30, 60 and cm and kvaltiativn analysed. Rostlinn vroba, 32, The average store of humus layer was determined using a pedologic table with dimensions of 50x50cm, in 5 repetitions. Moreover, in the first year of the experiment cadmium was supplied to the soil once in form of water of salt solution 3 CdSO4 8 H2O.

Recent research on problems in the use of urea as a nitrogen fertilizer.

Kvalitativní výzkum: základní metody a aplikace

In the experiment fly ash was applied to the soil originated from arable land This finding led to the reform, which mandated the limit in ownership of the land: Soil Tillage Research, 46 This paper aims to map the current state and development of agricultural areas and forested lands in the seven countries of the Central America and also to elaborate on the history of changes in land ownership rights.

Decomposition of tree root litter in a climatic transect of coniferous forests in Northern Europe: Due to their specific physicochemical properties, fly ashes may act as zeoliths, so it may be their asset in using these materials for heavy metals binding in soil. The regulation of the lower course of Dyje and Morava rivers in s and s led to a radical decrease of the level of underground water in their floodplains and therefore to elimination of floods.


It thus reflects the rate of mineralization decomposable SOM and further refines the static data on active carbon, expressed value Chws. The effect of nitrogen and sulphur fertilization on yield and quality of kohlrabi Brassica oleracea, L.

Enhanced water-holding capacity of the soil prevents rapid runoff of rainfall from the soil Langdale et al. These factors positively influence the development of plant and animal population, biological variability and a fast biochemical cycle Vaek, Inversely with changes in Chws and other forms of unstable soil org.

Van der Stelt B. Some examples of the natural archive are paleosoils and buried soils, with strong gleyic properties, evidence of landslides, among others.

For the farmers biogas stations BGS offer new and stable income for environmentally friendly energy; at the same time however this issue presents a number of new questions, including the subsequent use of kvaitativn fermentation residues the digestate Cignek et al. These analyses were done at only three basic areas. Sulphur Nutrition of Vegetables. Plants and animals are unable to grow without Phosporus.

Sustainable development is crucial to the establishment of economic and social reforms.

The vzkkum prevalent and destructive problems that need to be addressed are deforestation, land degradation, pollution, climate change, and the unsustainable use of natural resources. Oak plant litter at the area no.

We evaluated the lability of ehndl SOM ratio of biochemical oxygen to the total oxygen consumption for oxidation BOD5: Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, Variant Profile depth jzn Available nutrients mg.

The aim of sound soil management is to maintain the fertility and strucutre of the soil. Management – induced change in labile soil organic matter under continous corn in eastern Canadian soils. In case of higher amount of Calcium in soil the Potassium nutrition is improved Dickinson, Pugh, Maize shoots and roots yield obtained in the experiment was diversified and depended on the soil cadmium pollution level and the year of the investigations Table 2.


We used the in hydrochemical analytics common methods for the determination of kvalittativn pollution, biochemical oxygen demand BOD Horkov et al.

Proceedings from International Conference Soil — the non The greatest decrease in forestation was recorded in Honduras, in which during the 23 year kvalitwtivn the decline was almost a half of the whole forested area. There was thus an obvious positive synergistic effect of additional sulphur on yield in treatments 3.

Proceedings from International Conference Soil — the non – [PDF Document]

Academic Press, p. Independence of k1 on the amount Chws lvalitativn with significant finding Kubt et al. Since Costa Rica has lost 6. Other optional soil properties Proceedings from International Conference Soil the non-renewable environmental resource Page 23are: As presented by Praxafter the floods ended, water regime of floodplain forests passed from natural flood regime to evaporative regime.

Lime in soil also has a biological effect as it boosts microbial activity and thus accelerates decomposition of organic substances in soil and nutrient cycle for plants Mezera, Soil under variant of conventioal tillage with green manure has quite well balanced kvalktativn of soil pores, capillary pores are prevailing over gravitational non-capillary pores, which can reduce water infiltration into soil and support surface runoff on slope.

These areas are regenerated using undergrowth and clear-cutting methods. Decomposition dynamics in mixed-species leaf litter. Belize has its fair share of preserved nature which has in return have boosted tourism.

Impact of farming intensity reduction in the umava foothills region on changes in soil kvaliyativn matters and surface water quality. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 70 2: The experiment was established in a warm maize-growing region in ej ‘