ISSC M22 Pistol Long Rifle 4 Inch Barrel Black Frame/Grips Brushed Chrome Slide 10 Round. Designed for inexpensive high velocityLR ammunition. The Austrian ISSC M22 self-loading pistol is a fun gun that resembles the world’s most popular police pistol, the Glock. Find great deals for ISSC M22 22LR 10 Round Magazine. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Bob holds a degree in Criminal Justice. I absolutely love this little weapon! Time limit is exhausted.

isec The hammer safely falls as the safety has rotated to block the firing pin. The pistol is well made and should be reliable with proper lubrication, regular cleaning, and attention to its load j22. The levers are pressed down with the safety applied, and the slide is pulled to the rear and off the top of the barrel. As the pistol fires, the slide recoils and cocks the hammer.

The sights are well designed and make for good practical accuracy.

There were no failures to feed, chamber, fire, or eject. ISSC recommends a round break in with the specified loads.


ISSC M 22 Pistol — As Close as You’ll Get to Glock LR

They are not bullseye sights, they are Glock-type combat sights. Go with a Glock 26 or their single stack 9mm. The pistol is affordable at little more than the price of a.

This company does NOT make anything close to a functioning firearm. At 15 yards, the pistol averaged two-inch groups.

ATI does sell extra mags when they have them. The safe mode locks the trigger.

Any other ammo work great. The pistol will not fire unless the magazine is seated. View all articles by Bob Campbell. The pistol looks and feels like the Glock with a slightly less severe grip angle. A note of caution is in order here.

ISSC M22 Pistol 22 LR 10 Round Black

The information provided here does not represent the views of Cheaper Than Dirt! When the pistol is cocked, the safety is used to decock the hammer. The rear sight is adjustable for windage. Check Out These Related Articles. The fixed barrel is manufactured by Lothar Walther and appears to be well fitted and finished. Please be respectful of others.


It ussc to eject about 4 times per mag. Trackback from your site. The pistol is long on safety features, and none of isec are obtrusive or limit shooting. Print Share on Tumblr.

ISSC M 22 .22 Pistol — As Close as You’ll Get to Glock .22LR

The pistol needs lubrication to properly function, so be certain to lube the piece well before firing. While Glock shooters may find it a fine understudy, I am a ussc those needing a good. Bob is well-known for his firearm testing. I enjoyed firing the pistol iissc combat shooting drills and also in bullseye accuracy. I bought one years a go to use for my Concealed Carry classes. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Mine functions flawlessly with those in the mag!

Bob Campbell is a former peace officer and published author with over 40 years combined shooting and police and security experience.