Irenaean theodicy is ‘soul making’. His theodicy is more concerned with the development of humanity. Irenaeus distinguished between the ‘image’ and the. (25 Marks) The Irenaeus Theodicy, often called Soul Making, is a counterpart to Augustine’s Theodicy, yet it is also and opposing argument. Irenaeus’ theodicy is . A MODERN IRENAEAN THEODICY -. PROFESSOR HICK ON EVIL. Brian A. Davies. In attempting to deal with the traditional problem of evil. Christian.

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Despite this, he did not reject the existence of Hell outright, as to do so could make living morally in this life irrelevant.

Theologian Mark Scott has argued that John Hick’s theodicy is more closely aligned with Origen’s beliefs than Irenaeus’ and ought to be called an “Origenian theodicy”. Typically, the Irenaean theodicy asserts that the world is the best of all possible worlds because it allows humans to fully develop.

Irenaeus’ Theodicy

This page was last edited on 16 Decemberat Irenaeus’ eschatology was based urenaean a literal interpretation of the Bible, especially the Book of Revelation. Challenges Ethical egoism Euthyphro dilemma Logical positivism Religious language Verificationism eschatological.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Part irenzean a series on the. Advantages John Hick – the world is the vale of soul-making and suffering will be compensated Offers an explanation for suffering as well as moral and natural evil Swinburne – everything has a greater good and sometimes the good is free will e. Following this, Ivan asks his brother if he would, hypothetically, choose to be the architect of the eternal happiness of mankind, which would come into existence, if, and only if he would torture an innocent child, a necessary evil, after which this eternal happiness would come into existence.

God brings in suffering for the benefit of humanity. Hick held that irebaean would be possible for God to create beings that would always theocicy choose to do good, but argued that a genuine relationship requires the possibility of rejection.

Irenaeus’ Theodicy – Advantages and disadvantages table in A Level and IB Religious Studies

The development of process theology has presented a challenge to the Irenaean theodicy. This is not orthodox Christianity. He supported the view that creation is incomplete and argued that the world is best placed for the full moral development of humans, itenaean it presents genuine moral choices.


Inphilosopher John Hick discussed the similarities of the preceding theodicies, calling them all “Irenaean”.

Because Irenaeus saw the purpose of the world to be igenaean development of the moral character of humans, he believed that a good world would be best suited to that purpose.

Friedrich Schleiermacher argued in the nineteenth century that God must necessarily create flawlessly, so this world must be the best possible world because it allows God’s purposes to be naturally fulfilled.

Irenaean theodicy – Wikipedia

He proposed a universalist theory, arguing that all humans would eventually reach heaven. Typical to variations of the Irenaean theodicy is the notion that the present world is the greatest possible world, or the best of all possible worlds.

British philosopher Richard Swinburne proposed that, to make a free moral choice, humans must have experience of the consequences of their own actions and that natural evil must exist to provide such choices.

The fall of humanity is seen as a failure within this second phase of becoming more like God in content.

A genuinely loving God, he argued, would have created humans with free will. Philosophy of religion Theodicy Problem of evil. Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden because they were immature and needed to develop, i.

The Problem of Evil.

Hick’s theodicy is based on the same one as Irenaeus. By creating imperfect humans, individuals are given the chance to develop and grow through a soul-making process into children of God.

Another early Christian theologian, Origenpresented a response to the problem of evil which cast the world as a schoolroom or hospital for the soul; theologian Mark Scott has argued that Origen, rather than Irenaeus, ought to be considered the father of this kind of theodicy.

Useful as a means of knowledge. Articles with short description Good articles Use dmy dates from May He argues that, if suffering was always beneficial to humans, it would be impossible for humans to develop compassion or sympathy because we would know that someone who is suffering will certainly benefit from it.


Numerous variations of theodicy have been proposed which all maintain that, while evil exists, God is either not responsible for creating evil, or he is not guilty for creating evil. Irenaeus proposed the idea that God created humans as imperfect to evolve in his image but this does not explain why he didn’t make morally perfect humans who still have to become in God’s image.

From it we learn positive values, and about the world around us. These aspects are Origen’s allegorical treatment of Adam and Evethe presentation of the world as a hospital or schoolroom, the progression he advocates of the human soul, and his universalism. However, Dostoyevsky also states that the beauty of love is evident, in that love can continue to grow, withstand and overcome even the most evil acts.

Hick distinguished between the Augustinian theodicywhich is based on free will, and the Irenaean theodicy, which casts God as responsible for evil but justified in it. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Good, evil and suffering

However, humans use that free will to turn away from God and chose to sin. He argued that to be created in the image of God means to have the potential for knowledge of and a relationship with God; this is fulfilled when creation in the likeness of God is complete. In the novel, the character Ivan Karamazov presents an account of incredible cruelty to innocent people and children to his theist brother, Alyosha.

God endured Jonah’s absorption, man’s long punishment. Evidence of evil in the world would make the existence of God improbable.

The Irenaean theodicy is a Christian theodicy a response to the problem of evil.