If there are any open questions regarding the use of install4j, please check out its In our blog, we have published a three step tutorial based on a real-world. With the API, it is possible to create extensions for install4j that add user- configurable screens, actions and form components to the install4j IDE. The following. Help topics present important concepts in install4j. They are not necessarily tied to a single configuration step. Help topics are recommended reading for all.

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All screens, actions and form components in install4j – including the pre-defined elements – use the installer API and the JavaBeans specification to present configurable properties to the user. This is probably due to Pack compression algorithm.

install4j Download – install4j tutorial [] – video dailymotion

This will open another dialog box in which I can choose among more than 30 different components. Custom installer applications Show. In addition, you tutoiral configure dependencies between installation components. To manage the download of the optional files, I go to the Installer screen, select the Installation node and insert a Download file action. The Instqll4j part is optional, so creating new screens, actions and form components that are not configurable is very straight-forward.

Update schedule registry Show. Finally, the single-bundle archive for macOS offers the most convenient installation for simple distributions.

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Finally, I select again the Delete files and directories action, and complete its Files and directories field by clicking on the ellipsis button tutorual it.

Besides regular installers, install4j can create “add-on” installers that will only install their distribution tree on top of another installation with a specified application ID.

After 60 seconds, the installer is generated, and my first surprise is than the generated SweetHome3D Build debug installers Show. Configurable action sequence for all screens Show. With compiler variables, you can adjust the distribution for each media files by overriding variables in the media file wizard. At the heart of the action system are the “Install files” and “Uninstall files” actions inshall4j take care of the distribution tree, taking into account instakl4j user selection of installation components and downloading installation components if necessary.


install4j 5.0.8 Build 5311 Tutorials

Insatll4j the Select an Application Template dialog box, I select the Updater with silent version check template. From the license agreement, installation directory selection to license key entry and auto-update configuration, the 10 steps that following look familiar compared to other installers.

In the Advanced Options list, I choose Windows version info and check the Generate version info resource to get correct values in the file properties dialog tjtorial of the future launcher.

These actions include running scripts, setting installer variables and configuring the state of the progress bar. I accept and in the properties list of the Execute launcher action, I finally choose SweetHome3D as the launcher to run.

Ingo Kegel August 16th, This means that your classpath is not set up correctly. The IDs of install4j items can be displayed by clicking on the Show IDs button found on installl4j screens, but to avoid closing the editor window, I prefer here to click on the Insert ID button to find the desired ID. Generated installers can be launched directly from the build console.

This is probably due to Pack compression algorithm. Then, a few seconds after I launch Sweet Home 3D version 3.

The Java invocation steps shows information required to run a Java application. As I keep all the jar files in the lib subdirectory, I click on the Insert button, select the Scan directory option and enter lib directory. Now that installation components are created, I go to the Installer screen and select the Installation components node, that will be displayed from now on since I created installation components.


With compiler variables you can override settings for each media file as well as change settings from the command line iinstall4j ant task.

Pritom Kumar Mondal July 30th, Nice one. Sweet Home 3D stores user tutotial and configuration data in private directories to help users to upgrade the installed version of the software without losing data. I build this updated configuration and try the new version of the installer that displays the new tutroial if I choose to install it on a USB key.

ej-technologies blog Tutorial

The files to delete are in the directory referenced by the privateDir variable created at installation time, but I need it also at uninstallation time. Tytorial can add multiple updaters to your project, if there are different scenarios such as a standalone updater and an updater with a silent background check. I click on Build icon and then on Start Build button. This time, I name the executable file as Tutlrialselect the Allow only a single running instance of the application option.

Run the uninstaller for updates Show. On Windows Vista and higher, executables run with restricted rights by default.

These files could be assembled by invoking the appropriate Ant target in the build. To set this value according to the memory available on the end user computer, the easiest way is to remove the -Xmxm option from VM parameters and add an action to update VM parameters when the installer is run. By combining the optional LZMA compression algorithm and Pack compression for JAR files, you can achieve the best compression ratios available on the market.

They offer access to important installer or uninstaller functionality. In install4j you can not only configure a fully flexible screen and action flow for installer an uninstaller, you can also create custom tutorixl applications that are part of your installations.