I. CONSTITUTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL MILITARY TRIBUNAL. Article 1. In pursuance of the Agreement signed on the 8th day of August by the. The lesser-known International Military Tribunal for the Far East (IMTFE) was . The Charter provided for MacArthur to appoint judges to the IMTFE from the. In our opinion the laws of the Charter is decisive and binding on the Tribunal. This is a special tribunal set up by the Supreme Commander under authority.

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Activities of the Far Eastern Commission.

The Nuremberg Trial and the Tokyo War Crimes Trials (1945–1948)

The breadth of the supposed conspiracy took in virtually every facet of Japan’s domestic and foreign affairs over a period of nearly two decades, half again longer than the period covered by the Nuremberg Major War Crimes Trial. In cases where a group or organization is declared criminal by the Tribunal, the competent national authority of any Signatory shall have the right to bring individual to trial for membership therein before national, military or occupation courts.

Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Others were still free when questioned. He chose not to do so.

Tokyo Charter

By the close of evidence, the court had met in public sessions and heard from witnesses in court, in addition to reading unsubstantiated affidavits and depositions from some others whose evidence the court chartef for whatever probative value they might have had. All official documents shall be produced, and all court proceedings conducted, in English, French and Russian, and in the language of the Defendant.

Unlike the Nuremberg Charter, the Tokyo Charter was not part of a treaty or agreement among the Allies but it was substantially the same as the Nuremberg Charter. These arguments created consternation in court. The first variance is only in the drafting of Article 5 c of the Tokyo Charter defining crimes against humanity since the same responsibility basis exists in the Charter thought not in Article 6 c of the Nuremberg Charter.


To summon witnesses to the trial, to require them to attend and testify, and to question them. The Tokyo War Crimes Trial: Department of Justice gave this charher a great deal of thought and produced a treatise on the subject for chatter benefit of Allied prosecutors in Tokyo.

The following acts, or any of them, are crimes coming within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal for which there shall be individual responsibility:. The indictment shall consist of a plain, concise, and adequate statement of each offence charged.

Accordingly the Allied powers moved quickly to select their own associate counsel. At one point the president of the IMTFE was informed that the trial was utilizing about one-quarter of all the paper consumed by the Allied occupation forces in Japan.

International Military Tribunal for the Far East Charter (IMTFE Charter) – The Faculty of Law

Three categories of crimes were defined: In fact, the Allied powers permitted Hirohito to retain his position on the throne, albeit with diminished status. Two weeks before, the indictment had been recast following the arrival of the Soviet prosecution team in Tokyo. Comyns-Carr, was lodged with the Court during a brief preliminary hearing on April 29, A large number of persons were held in custody with the intention of bringing them to justice as Class A war criminals.

When as many as six members of the Tribunal are present, they may convene the Tribunal in formal session. The prosecution and defence may offer evidence and the admissibility of the same shall be determined by the Tribunal.

Accused by counsel only, if represented may address the Tribunal. The permanent seat of the Tribunal is in Tokyo. Charteg Trial of Generals: A document, regardless of its security classification and without proof of its issuance or signature, which appears to the Tribunal to have been signed or issued by any officer, department, agency or member of the armed forces of any government.


Each Iktfe may replace its members of the Tribunal or his alternate for reasons of health or for other good reasons, except that no replacement may take place during a Trial, other than by an alternate. The charter set out the jurisdiction of the tribunal and established the individual responsibility of the accused for ccharter of state and for acts taken in compliance with superior orders.

ICC – Legal Tools record: Charter of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East []

To some extent the emphasis on criminal masked the fact that the charges on the indictment at Tokyo were framed before the prosecution determined who was to be tried. The twenty-eight defendants charged at the Tokyo Trial were selected following international deliberations and the final decisions were taken by an executive committee of the International Prosecution Section, chaired by Sir Arthur Comyns Carr, K.

Modern Language Association http: A Japanese scholar also was indicted, but charges against him were dropped during the trial because he was declared unfit due to mental illness. The first trial will be held at Tokyo and any subsequent trials will be held at such places as the Tribunal decided.

The court consisted of eleven members, each representing one of the eleven nations involved in the prosecution.

The prosecution and each accused by counsel only, if represented may make a concise opening statement. But they also relied on their military and national tribunals, where they applied their own laws. Japanese Emperor Hirohito and other members of the imperial family were not indicted.