Delphine Lettau, Charles Franks, and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team. IMMENSEE BY THEODOR W. STORM TRANSLATED BY C. W. BELL M. A. Immensee By Theodor Storm. ‘Immensee’ is around forty pages long. So, it is closer to a long short story or a short novella. The story starts with. Theodor Storm (), one of the leading literary Realists of the nineteenth century, achieved world-wide popularity with the novella Immensee in

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By this time they had reached the house.

As he passed out of the garden into the room he discovered Eric and the mother busied with preparations for a short journey which had to be undertaken for business purposes on the morrow. Jun 20, Geo Collins rated it it was ok. Nun ja, ich fands eher etwas langweilig. Reinhard was to leave the town in order to proceed to his higher education.

Now show us what you have found. Elisabeth could not bring herself to think that there would now be a time to be passed entirely without Reinhard. The angel beckoned to him with his hand and then went straight into the rocks.

Neither a new school, nor his new male friends can change this. Eric is making a drawing of me in black chalk; I have had to give him three sittings, each time for a whole hour. She rose and came to meet the two friends as they entered, but half-way she stood stock-still as if rooted to the spot and stared at the stranger.

Immensee : Theodor Storm :

This is a quiet tale of German Romance. Now you have had enough good advice for to-day; and if you gather strawberries to match you will get on very well for the present at any rate. Return immnesee Book Page.

Expect some ‘aha’ moments if you have a sense stofm the symbolism with which it shines. He often unconsciously fell back a pace in order that he might feast his eyes on a full view of her.


Immensee by Theodor Storm

In his anguish, he walked slower and slower. After a while he reached the well-lighted shop of a jeweller, and after buying a little cross studded with red corals, he returned by the same way he had come. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Reinhard sat a few paces off on a tree stump, and gazed over at her in silence.

Reinhard bent down and plucked a bloom from one of the little plants that grew at his feet. Sage deine Meinung und meine was du sagst. It is achingly beautiful, like an extended poem. For hours he sat thus, till at last he rose and leaned out of the open window. While the hour remaineth, Thou art yet mine own; Then when death shall claim me, I must die alone. And while I didn’t love this novella, it’s an accessible little stroll through the mid s in the shoes of a tentative, saddened man: It is a pure, simple and sad-ending love story, in which he tried to show us the great grief we might achieve for ignoring our promises or letting the chance go by so simply, he tries to show us that the chance comes only once.

The shroud in which she was wrapped after her death was believed to have been woven of the very finest thread, which during her ascent to Heaven frayed away from her body. When they passed out of the front door Reinhard gave her his arm, and thus he walked in silence side by side with the slender maiden.

At home, too, things have changed very much, and all this will, I fear, cause you much pain at first, if my understanding of you is at all correct. Reinhard thrust his hand into his pocket, but Elisabeth was before him, and hastily emptied the entire contents of her purse into the beggar’s open palm.

After a while they emerged from the shady foliage and stood in a wide clearing. Without Elisabeth knowing, Reinhard additionally keeps a vellum -bound book in which he composes poems about his life experiences. There is no winter in India. Yet the distance between him and the flower showed no signs of diminishing, while the shore, as he glanced back at it, showed behind him in a hazy mist that ever deepened.


He sought shelter under one of the linden trees that grew by the water-side, but the heavy drops were soon pelting through the leaves. Her mother followed her with a look. A immrnsee and bittersweet story of an old man’s reminiscence about the love of his early life, its poignant scenes interspersed with passionate explorations into nature through botany and a charming love of plants and birds.

The wind was ztorm through the deserted streets; old and young alike were sitting together at home in family parties; the second period of Christmas Eve celebrations had begun.

Other books in this series. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. They are always together, he tells stories to her, they play immesnee the forest near their homes, they go on picnics together with other children and pick strawberries. What has become of it? A splendid little novella I believe recommended by Joshua, thanks man!

The door opened, and a bright glare of light filled the room.

Immensee (novella) – Wikipedia

He appeared stom be returning home from a walk, for his buckle-shoes, which followed a fashion long since out of date, were covered with dust. Reinhard broke the seal and read, and ere long he came to this paragraph: So it passes from mouth to mouth. Next day Reinhard had to go out with him to see the fields, the vineyards, the hop-garden, the distillery. Notify me of new comments via email.

The book was beautiful during my re-read too.