On a rainy July morning, the air inside the classroom feels stuffy, the slightly sour smell of boyish sweat hanging in the air. He secured an all-India rank of 41 in the IIT-JEE, graduated from IIT-Mumbai in “The last movie I watched was in ,” he says. “Stay focused” is the buzzword in Kota. Type:MagazinesType:IIT-JEE PREPARATIONthe most important last minute revision for the iit-jee can be done easily with the help of these. MarkIIT is the Official Marketing club of the Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee. The event was organised in March during Cognizance – The Annual Technical Big data is already a buzzword in the field of Marketing.

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This day again saw four eminent personalities from industry. When he asks questions, the classroom hums as boys try to answer in their cracked, husky voices all at once. But that is where revenues are generated. Saturday, December 28, Travelogue: Hence the selection of the partner is very important in entrepreneurship.

Marketing has always been a favourite area for management graduates. However trend is visible for us to see. Every failure brings more possibility for success. February Arihant Publications.

He stressed on understanding the small dreams and meeting customer needs. Then the speaker talked about SCOR measurement. Entrepreneurship is deemed to be working independently which on the other hand, is actually working according to many stakeholders like consumers, partners, employee etc. We might be good in execution but we must focus on planning part. The only reprieve from their daily routine for these students is an occasional “inspirational lecture” from V.

  AIA A310 PDF

Sundar Pichai speaks at IIT Kharagpur

Other important feature of the magazine is to familiarize its readers with the latest ‘buzz’ or trends in elite engineering colleges. Apurve Gour January 7, She is also an accomplished badminton player.

Mathematics Spectrum Arihant Publications. He is the Co-founder at SharedReach. Posted by Vaibhav Shrivastava at 9: Whatever you do, technology will be a part of it. The real life example and views would definitely be helpful for the future leaders.

In the last two RTs, Mayanka toppled him from the top rank he had hitherto held on to for the past one-and-a-half years since he arrived at the institute.

How should investors behave during a financial crisis?

Do You Like This Story? Physics Spectrum Arihant Publications. Overall, it proved to be a very useful session which would definitely help students in their grooming as future managers and leaders.

Also consistent teamwork is the key for the success. A welcome note is presented for the guests. IIT Roorkeetrekking. Grihshobha Kannada Delhi Press. The screening was done through a business quiz which included questions mainly from current business affairs and some general topics also, out of the teams that participated in the first round, 40 teams were shortlisted based mzrch their performances in the quiz.

In short, it is not a magazine that just talks but the one that facilitates the learning process. Banking Guru Hindi Arihant Publications.

IIT Buzzword e-magazine in English by Arihant Publications

Their brief introductions are as follows: Discipline is very important yet we should also have enough flexibility to take up new challenges. Students can’t even afford to fall sick. Another team completely based its strategy on a shoot the cane game and ran all around the campus attracting huge crowds. Its scale has increased each year msrch students from colleges from all over India taking jit in it.


The next important consideration is, do you have the right team.

The diary is named “Mera Sach”, and it has columns such as “Did I wake up prior to sunrise? Allen is claimed to have virtually cleaned out Bansal Classes thrice in recent years.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Students attending the workshop were introduced to various terminologies, theories and techniques of sales management and negotiation on first day of the workshop.

But sometimes, the milieu, the pressure, and the burden of expectations force students over the edge: This is not just another B-Plan Contest that we are now used to seeing in almost every college event.

Department of management studies organised a game simulating the real stock buzzwore scenario. How do you see IIT Roorkee ten years down the line? In short, it is not a magazine that just talks but the mardh that facilitates the learning process. The event started with the traditional lighting of the lamp and the welcome note given by the head of department Dr.

Other important feature of the magazine is to familiarize its readers with the latest ‘buzz’ or trends in elite engineering colleges. June Arihant Publications.