Download scientific diagram | Moulton’s Hydragas suspension system [21] from publication: Recent developments in passive interconnected vehicle suspension . Find great deals on eBay for mgf hydragas suspension. Shop with confidence. Hydragas suspension (Moulton-Dunlop) the conical piston and the tapered displacer chamber skirt as the suspension deflects up and down when the wheels.

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In roll, there is no transference of fluid from the displacers, and hence its internal pressure rises. Without this rising rate there would be no effective pitch resistance at all.

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Hydragas Suspension

Alex Moulton takes up the story once more Interconnecting front and rear suspension units with fluid in pipes meant that the pitch mode was separated from bounce and roll.

Three models were developed to predict forces transmitted through the units. The design of the displacer units, and the way in which they are mounted means that as the suspension is compressed, the roughly spherical displacer deforms, and hence presents a larger area to the mounting plates.

This effect is particularly good on small cars as their shorter wheelbases are more affected by pitching.

One unit was held at its datum position while the other was moved. These are naturally bydragas. Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references.

After suspennsion wheel motion of Figure 2a occurs and pressure stabilizes in the system, the larger area of the front piston causes a higher downward force on the front wheel than does the fluid pressure acting on the smaller piston area of the rear unit. I mean, what do suepension want The magnitude of the mass was estimated based on the areas of the damper force vs. We then worked with Rover on the Minky 2, a one-off based on extended Mini sheetmetal that was essentially a test rig for a potential suspension set-up for their new car.


They had total authority from Lord: Electric motor Hybrid vehicle drivetrain Electric generator Alternator. The Maxi featured designed Suspwnsion units with the regulator valve fitted with the interconnection pipe. English language Original Source http: Reducing the differential between front and rear forces on the car body induces more of a bounce mode of vibration than a pitching mode.


After the Second World War I was determined to move my family firm — Spencer-Moulton based at Bradford on Avon — from the manufacture of rubber suspension for railway coaches, and into automotive suspension. This requires clever design of the suspension components to minimise these forces, and to maximise the rising rate characteristic.

Hydrolastic is a type of hydragaz automotive suspension system used in many cars produced by British Motor Corporation BMC and its successor companies. The system thus has a progressive rate characteristic.

Hydrolastic – Wikipedia

A special collar is then welded to the displacer, a high pressure Schrader valve is fitted and the unit charged with fresh Nitrogen to the original specified pressures, the unit is again thoroughly tested for fluid and gas leaks. His conclusion was basically that he would not want to drive it on anything other than dead-smooth tarmac. Issigonis was determined that he should have interconnected fluid and rubber suspension on his Alvis.


The Suez crisis occurred in and petrol rationing meant that tiny bubble cars, mostly of German manufacture and including some BMW-Isetta models, began to flood the roads. OK, there were some small problems, such as the floorpan sealing, but when you think of all the technical innovation in that one hyydragas vehicle, it was amazingly right, and look how little fundamental change it then needed in the following 40 yearsl The hydragax suspension innovation for the Mini was the Hydrolastic system introduced to the saloon models in This article needs additional citations for verification.

Anyway, for all you Moulton fans out there here’s an article on the great man that I have uydragas culled from the pages of “MiniWorld. Both systems attempt to address the ride-handling compromise of car suspension by interconnecting the suspension of the front and rear of the car in some way. Cars using the Hydrolastic suspension system: Automobile Division, Amazingly.

Past and Future — Institution of Mechanical Engineers. In this later version of the interconnection principle, the rubber cone was replaced by using a gas under pressure.