Hyam Maccoby. But Maccoby’s is not simply a hermeneutic of suspicion. Maccoby concludes that Paul cannot have been a Pharisee, that his claims are. Best Condition. Acceptable. $ Add to Cart. The Day God Laughed: Sayings, Fables & Entertainments of the Jewish Sages. Hyam Maccoby. from: $ Hyam Maccoby [The Mythmaker] was mostly right: 1. Paul was not Maccoby was also right about something else, which I shall go into in greater depth later on.

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Maccoby demonstrates Gnostic and Hellenistic influences, and re-interprets anti-Jewish biblical scenes to suggest that Jesus was a Pharisee, and Paul was not only not one, but a disappointed one, and not even necessarily fully Jewish. Would this be satisfactory? We engage no further details as Maccoby himself provides none we can engage.

Regarding the matter of 1 Cor. The revelation that Paul was trying to overthrow God, and the means he chose to do it, namely disguising himself as an apostle of Jesus Christ, explains a number of seeming contradictions in his epistles, and allows us to hazard a guess as to why he granted Christ God-like, or at least Yahweh-like attributes: One evidence of Paul’s rabbinic background is that he uses a typical rabbinic exegetical method called qal macclby – or “light and heavy”.

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And of course this is entirely possible: Jesus puts himself on record as being opposed to antinomianism “while heaven and earth exist. Or that he would emulate apostlolic behavior like extreme humility in his letters even though he was nothing like it in fact? After all the word “God” is not a name but a title, and the fact that Paul does not care to bestow the title does not know what is what. According to Maccoby, Barabbasfrom the Aramaic Bar Abba”Son of the Father”, originally referred to Jesus himself, who was called thus from his custom of addressing the Father as AbbaFather, in his prayers, or else as a form of the rabbinic honorific Berab.

Mar 10, Rose Anderson rated it really liked it. He says with certainty that Paul: As the author comments, ” All religion is based on myth”. This is what the Gnostics did: With shades of Fricke on the trial narrative, Maccoby rejects the account of Stephen’s martyrdom, saying that the “Sanhedrin was a dignified body that had rules of procedure, and did not act like a lynch mob. Paul stresses the importance of believing in Christ, and particularly the crucified Christ, going so far as to make this act synonymous with salvation, although as we have seen in his epistle to the Galatians it was not.


This he rejects, citing the Torah that God alone is the source of life. Their fellowship continued to exist in Jerusalemas a strictly orthodox Jewish sect under the leadership of James the Just. Jesus was a rebel against Rome! As the Jerusalem group of the original disciples of Jesus gradually became aware of Paul’s teachings, bitter hostility ensued between them.

Katz The Holocaust in Historical Context: Jesus rejects this because to do so would also make him a servant of the devil and it is written “serve him [the Lord] only.

So, my brothers, you also died to the law through the body of Christ, that you might belong to another, to him who was raised from the dead, in order that we might bear fruit to God. The fact that Jesus says nothing but merely quotes the Torah supports the idea that the author was Jewish. Refresh and try again. Pauline sin is something both within and without a person, something with its own “desires and lusts” and commandments and decrees.

Historical Jesus Theories: Hyam Maccoby

One reviewer said it made her mom cry and not for warm-fuzzy reasons. His numerous television appearances included one on Howard Jacobson’s audacious documentary, Sorry, Judas Yet Paul must certainly have been aware of Deut.

I really enjoyed this book, but I think that there are many people who would not. The weakest part of the book was where he tried to psychoanalyze Paul and what happened on the road to Damascus. Early Christianity is a topic most classical historians shy away from, the pool having been muddied by centuries of devotional presupposition.

What values does Paul give hya here? Few scholars take the works of Hyam Maccoby seriously.

Maccoby utilizes the normal mafcoby of contemporary New Testament scholarship to suss out the evolution of early Christianity and to analyze just who Paul really was. Ultimately, Maccoby doesn’t completely condemn Paul, but merely thinks that Paul is less original and authoritative than he is given credit for.

He’s the one whose story doesn’t add up historically compared to the other apostles.

Hyram Maccoby, The Myth-Maker

He has macoby Judaism, understands the teachings of the Maccoyb of the time of Jesus, and makes several points to show that Paul may not be the Pharisee that he portrays himself to be. In Paul we find that the world has an nyam, and that this enemy is called “sin. Blasphemous as hell certainly, but not untrue. In short, if Paul were a Gnostic his passage would have made perfect sense, and his epistle to the Galatians would have made perfect sense as well, for what were the Galatians doing but obeying the law?


After all, who has ever heard of a group of Sabbath-observing angel-worshippers? All these things are descriptive of Paul: Maccoby argued that the real Jesus was not a rebel against the Jewish lawbut instead a Jewish Messianic claimant whose life and teaching were within the mainstream of first-century Judaism.

The Mythmaker: Paul and the Invention of Christianity

I will start off by saying I never much cared for Paul, nor for the fact that his yham – maccoyb dated decades after the death of Jesus – were the ones that made up most of the New Testament. Lots in this book, and worth reading if you have any interest in where Christianity may have come from. It is a very well-written and accessible book – Maccoby specifically states in the text that he wrote it for the maccohy and that he planned a more scholarly work subsequent to this one, which I plan to seek out.

For Maccoby, though, the Pharisees are all cut from the same cloth; it is assumed that what is true for one Pharisee is true for all, and hence he places Jesus in their ranks. Trump is one of the Four Horsemen for crying out loud!

Paul and the Invention of Christianity by Hyam Maccoby. According to Maccoy, Paul fused the historical story of Jesus’ crucifixion with elements of contemporary mystery religions and Gnosticism, developing such new non-Judaic mythic ideas as the Trinity and the Last Supper. It was Paul, said Maccoby, who turned Jesus into God and transformed the early Jewish Christian sect into a Gnostic mystery cult imbued with “Hellenistic schizophrenia”.

He got his gospel by “revelation of God the father and Jesus Christ” instead of learning it from an apostle; 2.