La carte et le territoire has ratings and reviews. Jeffrey said: ”I’ve known several guys in my life who wanted to become artists, and were su. La Carte Et Le Territoire (French Edition) [Michel Houellebecq] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The winner of France’s most. La Carte et Le Territoire (French Edition) [Michel Houellebecq, J’ai Lu] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The winner of France’s most.

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What works best, what pushes people most violently to surpass themselves, is still the pure and simple need for money. Could Houellebecq be cooking a snook at his readers?

He is unfazed during unproductive periods. This is the first Houellebecq novel I’ve read, so I am curious to investigate the others.

I may reread it someday to lle what I missed on first reading, which is probably a lot. Especially because we learn photographs of the crime scene look like monochromatic Jackson Pollock paintings.

E, da co-protagonista del suo stesso libro, si racconta ed esce di scena in modo terribile e meravigliosamente assurdo. The relationship between life and art is open to question – that is, between the physical description of the French novelist, his eccentricities, and his volatile temperament. But make sure your sense of humor is in good working order before you start.

Feb 14, Manny rated it really liked it Shelves: I expect they would be photorealistic and iconic – reminiscent, say, of Chinese Communist propaganda posters. But with the French publication of his new novel, La carte et le territoirepious rerritoire will find it.

La carte et le territoire (Michel Houellebecq) | Notes of an idealist

Retrieved 24 September All these mineral waters distinguished themselves only by the sparkling, a slightly tfrritoire texture in the mouth; none of them were salty tdrritoire ferruginous; the basic point of Norwegian mineral waters seemed to be moderation.


Yet somehow the whole bang-shoot is insidiously attaching. There are points at which he freezes the action to riff or spout off about something in modern life that clearly grinds his gears.

This map was sublime. Writerof course.

La carte et le territoire

Her father is an academic entomologist. He doesn’t have to beat us around the head with our own foolish cagte.

He has confessed to lifting sections from Wikipedia and transplanting them into the novel, but then Burroughs did something similar with his cut-ups of the works of other authors. OK, if I have to be completely blunt, Michel Houellebecq must be the most overrated contemporary author since Amelie Nothomb. He hojellebecq he was finished, well thought he was, with this series when he gutted a painting he was doing houelkebecq Jeff Koons, stomped, sliced and turned it into a mangled pe of pulp.

It was published on 4 September by Flammarion and received the Prix Goncourtthe most prestigious French literary prize, in They got used to the theatrical tone adopted by waiters in high-star establishments as they announced the composition of the amuse-bouches and other appetizers; and also that elastic and declamatory way in which they exclaimed: El resto de la novela cae tan lejos de mi experiencia y mis intereses que no el importa un pimiento.

Art, money, fathers, sons, death, love and the transformation of France into a tourist paradise come together to create a daringly playful and original twist on the contemporary novel from a modern master of the form. No discuto las dos primeras afirmaciones. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.


No one else does genre-mashup semi-misanthropic nihilistic philosophy quite like him, although cwrte did at times seem like a much better rendition of what BEE did in Lunar Parkgenre-y literary fiction that includes the author as a character? There are points at which he freezes the action to riff or spout off about something in modern life that clearly grinds his gears. It was interesting to me that a man who is so willing to abandon success to move on to something new is unwilling to take the chance of finding new inspiration in such a vibrant country as Russia.

Paperback – In French Cronenberg’s depiction of the festering confluence of ego, money, sex and vacuous desire for fame that constitutes Hollywood is remarkably similar to Houellebecq’s depiction of the world of modern art.

La Carte et le Territoire

I read in other reviews this isn’t the one to start with. In a televised interview given after the Goncourt award, Houellebecq declared that the main themes of the novel were “aging, the relationship between father and son and the representation of reality through art”. It was extremely pure — although, in reality, no more houellbeecq the others. I give you Michel Houellebecq, possibly literature’s greatest living misanthrope.

I adored the rant about Picasso. Three winners for this reader. He brings the maps alive making the art fresh with his own view of them. It was the first time since that the award had gone to a novel published by Flammarion.