The Triple Helix: University-Industry-Government Innovation In Action London: Routledge, (). Translations: Swedish (); Chinese (); Portuguese. The Triple Helix — University-Industry-Government Relations: A Laboratory for Knowledge Based Etzkowitz, Henry and Leydesdorff, Loet, The Triple Helix. PDF | On Jun 1, , Anders Broström and others published The Triple Helix: University–industry–government innovation in action – By Henry Etzkowitz.

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Etzkowitz and Leydesdorff argue that the initial role of universities is to provide education to individuals and basic research.

Wither the Entrepreneurial University? A Sociological Paradigm for Economic Development. Building the Entrepreneurial University: Forging the Knowledge Economy: According to Etzkowitz and Leydesdorff, this marks the second step in the triple helix of innovation framework. The annual event in was held in the Silicon Valey, California, USA and shifted the emphasis to the gliobal aspects of the Triple Helix model, while the annual event in Bandung, Indonesia, extended the emphasis on developing countries.

Fonster mot Framtiden Visions of the Future Stockholm: Invention, Encyclopedia of Sociology.

Triple helix model of innovation – Wikipedia

The ‘entrepreneurial university’ is another hybrid element which Etzkowitz defines around the following elements: However, the two ends of this spectrum are used as ideal-types that are not necessarily reflective of the reality. Mendelsohn et al eds Science, Technology and the Military Dordrecht: Etzkowitz and Leydesdorff’s model uses a spectrum to define the extent of these interactions. Middletown and Middletown in Transition. The Entrepreneurial University Mission with Ranga.


The workshop was subsequently referred to as the first international conference on the Triple Helix. Social innovation in the making? Finding A Social Basis for U.

Henry Etzkowitz’ Publications

In a laissez-faire model, in which the industry and market forces are the leading forces, the ties are weaker and each institution tends to remain very independent. The annual conference in Madrid, Spain was focused on the cities of knowledge and the expanding knowledge and connecting regions. What Happened to Cybernetics?

Henry Etzkowitz and Prof. Media, social researchers and the public: A Etzkowotz of their Own: Gender Patterns in Technology Transfer: The other interactions take place through the involvement of industry managers and university faculty in both sectors. But according to Etzkowitz and Leydesdorff, it can also be a policy making tool.

About THA – Triple Helix Association

This framework emphasizes a societal responsibility of universities, in addition to their role of educating and conduction research. Unity and Diversity in High-tech Growth and Renewal: One of the aims of TTOs is to create some revenues for the university, thus enhancing its role as an economic actor. The Road to Recovery: An EC Model for the U.


In a statist model, a strong state is driving interactions between the three components etzkowtiz a top-down implementation. Why are women and minority scientists etzowitz treated so badly? From Entrepreneurial Science to Social Entrepreneurship.

Bilateral interactions exist between university, industry and government. Loet Leydesdorff and Prof. The Capitalization of Knowledge: A Third Academic Revolution? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Inching Toward Industrial Policy: However, the average profitability of TTOs remains very low. The Business History Review. The dynamics of innovation: The Paradox of Tripld From the Land Grant to the Entrepreneurial University.

Cambridge University Press, forthcoming. The Second Academic Revolution: