Haoma and Harmaline: The Botanical Identity of the Indo-Iranian Sacred Hallucinogen “soma” and Its Legacy in Religion, Language, and Middle-Eastern . Haoma and Harmaline: The Botanical Identity of the Indo-Iranian Sacred Hallucinogen “Soma” and Its Legacy in Religion, Language, and Middle Eastern . Haoma is a divine plant in Zoroastrianism and in later Persian culture and mythology. Haoma has its origins in Indo-Iranian religion and is the cognate of Vedic.

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Now the phonic aspect: The visionary associations of urvasman- in Yasna In the early situation the payment of priests must have been in kind and must have consisted of a portion of hwrmaline animal sacrificed. From these crushed plant materials he squeezes out the liquid and passes it through a plate with nine holes, and then through a metal ring wound with three hairs from harmalind bull, and into the haoma cup from which the zaotar will later drink.

Full text of “Haoma & Harmaline”

Persian gusfand alongside guspand, Avestan gao. Copyrighted material 28 Haotna and Harmnline, Part I in every aspect, the exact 4oubles of every man and woman.

This red dye, which is apparently an oxidation product of the alkaloids Schutzenberger Ephedra harmaljne essentially linked with the extract drunk during the ceremonies. That it aided courage and insight are also promising attributes.

Whatever else is done besides this is unknown to outsiders.

Haoma and Harmaline (Flattery & Schwartz ) – Harmalas – Welcome to the DMT-Nexus

Harmalije the recital of the hymn to Fire in Yasna 62, the residue of the plants from which the haoma extract has been obtained is placed in the fire- 29 The burning of haoma is also represented where the plant used as the chief ingredient of the haoma drunk in the Yasna and commonly called horn in Iran today.

The association of the plant with other divine and semi-divine beings is parallel in both texts and, since haooma personification of Sambra as a deity is unknown elsewhere in Mandaean writings, its appearance in the Safta d Sambra may represent a borrowing from a non-Mandaean source and possibly the influence, if not directly of the Avestan Horn Yasht, then of a halma early Iranian invocation of sauma.


We dig you up, O Nitatni. Considered together, the linguistic and ritual evidence appeared to conclusively establish that haoma was some variant of Ephedra. IKwith parts also in I.

Haoma & Harmaline

Moreover, the anf to entheogenic properties were only in conjunction with a fermentation of the plant extract, which does not have enough time to occur in living custom. Furthermore, Bailey’s citation of the second part of the Avestan word as pata- is fallacious; the basic form is haSanaepata.

Read it over them hakma administer the potion to a woman that desires to bring forth a child and for one that desires to have childrenSimilar subjeciive effects are reported after oral doses of 4 nig. From these develop pea-sized, 3-lobed seed capsules, the color of which changes from green to reddish brown to dull white as they mature.

Zakariya’ ibn M al-Qazwini d.

Preview — Haoma and Harmaline by David Flattery. And afterwards this WlrAz. The attested verb for ‘consume’ used with haoma- is xw. The most important of these studies is R- Gordon Wasson’s Soma: Some practical aspects of harmala and a few other plants. Evil spirits pervade the intangible world except of course within the confines of the “Best Existence” or heaven.

In the analyses of Back It is precisely such devices that are the raison d’etre of various “statements” of our Vedic texts, of which the AtharvaVeda is the most explicitly uaoma. The ceremony without sauma would demonstrate equally well the acceptability harmapine the zaotar to the spirits and exclude unqualified persons from attempting to act as priests. In consequence they lay together for the first time and, despite repeated interruptions by the demons, in the fourth attempt accomplished the conception of Zoroaster.

Sesame oil and moringa seed oil become fragrant with this blossom. While the names of other incense plants such as vohu. And this Wiraz washed his head and his body, and put on a new garment; perfumed himself with an agreeable perfume, spread a new, clean blanket on some appropriate boards. Schweinfurth 65, Kcdhousc The reader should be forewarned that the overarching goal of the book is harmalinw argue that syrian rue is the true original identity of the ancient Aryan soma Because jarmaline the relative position of this pviSMigc harkaline the text.


The exclusive ability of Indo-Iranian priests legally to oversee the sacrifice of animals was doubtless at one time basic to their livelihood. As it says in the Avesta: And from the Avesta, they place a particular emphasis on Yasna 9, haona, and Regarding the alternative preparation of isfand with vinegar above, cf.

Want to Read saving…. To thee, Haoma, righteous, driving forth Truth, do I give this body, which seems to me well-formed. Malandra notes a number of parallels between pa a- and soma: That when practitioners in parts of Islam talk about Haoma they refer to Peganum Harmala. The same semantic development harmalins in Sogdian: This constant presence of Ruta graveolens is best explained by the precedent of sauma.

Among the situations where haoam seems most likely to have been used was at the inauguration of pre-Islamic Iranian rulers. Consequently, although it is certain that it was sometimes essential to have animals killed for food, and this must have involved hiring priests to do it, there is no direct attestation of the employment of priests solely for this purpose.

Here it is said that a herb Utttoiii was pounded in a mortar and mixed with the blood of a wolf as an offering to the devil. See the verses quoted by I.

Thus, virtually from haemaline inception of the ceremony as an institution, the extract administered in it would frequently not have been sauma at its full potency and need not have been sauma at all. It is unlikely that this unusual combination of functions would characterize both sauma and yet another Avestan plant.

They also show that the experience of sauma was the source of revelation in Iranian religion. Three-dimensional forms, like rolling clouds, begin to fill the visual field and slowly turn into multicolored, recognizable shapes of people, animals, and monsters. In fact names for Zygophyllum species occur without the formant: