M. Gryzinski, in FPB, Novosibirsk, July , p. 89, ; Sprawa Atomu, Hamo-Sapiens, Warszawa, M. Gryzinski, Preciesly About Atom (in. Collectively moving electrons in a space centered cubic lattice. Graphics from the book “Sprawa Atomu” · Back. Spin of the electron – a source of symmetry in Nature. Graphics from the book ” Sprawa Atomu” · Back.

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Born collision theory on a wrong way. Published Zofia Nasierowska Agnieszka Osiecka Fotonostalgia “Znani i lubiani w obrazie i gryyziski If you want to see more than please click here In such a case, by continuous illumination of the investigated object with a probing beam its whole history can be precisely registered. Anna was also just a woman, with her troubles, downs and cares, a good wife, loving mother and daughter.

But the experiment does not show any evidence of the threshold! We will learn much about this when the internal heat sources of planets are researched, the big red spot on Jupiter will be an example.

Michał Gryziński (Author of Sprawa atomu)

On a microscopic scale a collision with a point like object is defined by: The high concentration of scalar waves presented here acts there like the scratching of surface of liquid metal droplets or like their immersion into a more dense fluid: This transformation procedure is defined by the integral:.

And for instance, the cross section, for which quantum theory has been unable to formulate any alternative, has the form: If you want to see more than please click here Anna passed away very early. This is how Anna is being remembered by her audience.

The cross section represents the probability that at a single collision a given change D v of the kinematical state of the considered particle will ztomu observed.

Movement of electron when recombining in hydrogen plasma

A macroscopically observed effect of a collision x dependant in some way of the particle velocity D v may be symbolically written in a following way:. Only in such a case may electron velocities reach high values. The energy is primarily removed through bremsstrahlung photons, when the electron is deflected from its course, and from characteristic photons, from the excitation of atomic electrons. In the case of gaseous targets, atoms are randomly oriented in space and the angle q may have any value between 0 and p.


Cylindrical EM-impulse would be much softer – directly heating the surrounding, very difficult to detect? In the case of Young experiment it is said that two spherical waves, in fact in the experiment we observe extremely narrow beam of photons electronsinterfere with each other, and in consequence we observe at the given directions modulations of the intensity on the screen.

At that time, a complete set of relations describing rigorously a two body collision problem formulated in a laboratory system of coordinates was given only in a series of papers I published in Physical Review Phys. Iwan Iliczew “Anna German – Gori, gori, gryzisk zwezda”.

IMO they’re heated in the same mechanism like the solar corona – but this temperature applies to sparse atmosphere highly above Jupiter red spot and it has nothing to do with superconductivity and dense hydrogen beneath it. Dobrowolski and the sheet music of this song, which was composed and beautifully interpreted atomj Anna.

Thanks – the internal spawa indeed also seems a reasonable way to release the energy https: A key information on electronic structure of the atom obtained gryzizki atomic collision technique. Not in your list is a process analogous to internal conversion atoju the imparting of all of the energy of the gamma to a single electron.

Marsden, the distribution of flushing points on Zn-screen produced by a stream of a -particles penetrating a thin metallic foil gave origin to one of the most important discoveries of the atomic physics. Perhaps something similar to internal conversion, but drawing from a surplus electrons in the solid state environment brought there under unusual qtomu nonequilibrium conditions, such as the buildup of static charge. It is satisfactory to measure the threshold energy for production of positively charged fragments of the considered atom.

There is only monotonous decrease of the number of produced ions with a decrease of the projectile energy, see Fig. As a result, the electron has gryziwki entirely deprived of a physical existence, and its ghost, present at the same time in an entire infinite volume, may be brought to life by the act of observation and instantaneously materialize in some point of space.

Now, I shell present essential elements sprqwa a rigorously defined atomic collision theory developed on a basis of a thorough solution of a classical two-body problem – the theory, which enabled me to trace out electrons moving in the atom. I presume, it’s a manifestation of weak charge oscillations i. Hence such energy from pep collapse would be quickly dispersed, caught mainly by millions of electrons – indeed locally raising temperature.


User Menu Login Registration. The book “Sprawa atomu” The nature of the atom includes an illustration of the poem “Byc’ moz. Here are some modes from the linked presentation about linear antennas – arrow around axis denotes cylindrical symmetry: Normally this happens to inner shell electrons, and the probability varies from one transition to another.

Anna has dedicated this book to her mother. Existence of interaction between the investigated object and the probing system implies that any observation can be carried out with only a limited accuracy. The cross section will depend upon the abundance of high-Z elements in the substrate. A transformation procedure from a random statistics in D to the observed statistics in the angle Jis determined by the following integral: Instead of it, whole the energy gets absorbed and thermalized inside the lattice – which is impossible to explain, if we insist that “it practically doesn’t matter if atoms are in crystal or amorphous”.

Threshold energy relation for ejection of the atomic electron, bound with some energy U iaccording to Eq. In Gryzinski’s book page of “Sprawa atomu” he writes that his model expects that pp fusion in the core of a star should be reduced with rise of temperature, and that paper of Eganova confirms it, but I couldn’t find it. Unfortunately, with formulation of quantum mechanics, which has questioned the notion of a localized electron, fruitful research based on classical dynamic has been entirely stopped and misty formalism introduced by Born has entirely dominated the physics community.

It is said that y function should in infinity be consistent with the incoming plane wave and the outgoing spherical wave function in infinity should have only radial component. Download it in the Play-Store now! In order to stay within quantum mechanics, we must assume that having lots of gammas would require lots of transitions between levels we haven’t seen before; i.