Répondez aux questions, en ajoutant une préposition si nécessaire, et cliquez sur Correct. Notez qu’il y a aussi une leçon sur l’infinitif et le gérondif. Forum Exercices anglais: Emploi du gérondif/Exercice. Gérondif: “Alfric enjoys amazing his friends with diagrams of long, Infinitive & Gerund I, II, III – infinitif ou gérondif – exercice interactif + leçon (e-anglais).

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Meaning of “gérondif” in the French dictionary

I remember locking the door last night on leaving the premises. Lessons – Interactive exercises – Cartoons – Songs. Lessons – Interactive exercises – Songs. Infinitives and Gerunds ccc. Can’t judge a honey by lookin’ at the bee.

Happiness and being happy Language: Students speak and write about happiness, and watch a short video.

Le gérondif (1) – Site compagnon FLE Latitudes

I couldn’t keep laughing when I saw him in this outfit. I think this exercise is worth to do. J’ai eu du mal avec le vocabulaire vive le dictionnaire! No, I ain’t gonna cumb my hair Cus I ain’t going anywhere” azlyrics.


You can’t judge a book by lookin’ at the cover. I regret speaking to my colleagues so harshly at last night’s meeting. Far from being the end of this story, that wast just the beginning. Verbal form being preceded, in present exrecices, by the preposition in and expressing a circumstance which accompanies the action stated by the main verb.

Jason Courtney Hathaway, I think this exercise is worth doing. Pre-intermediate A2 – Intermediate B1 Learner type: She stopped complaining about being unemployed and decided to start her own business. He’s been leaving two months ago, so I can’t wait to see him. What was the film like?

Emploi du gérondif/Exercice

I regret speaking so harshly to my colleagues at the meeting yesterday evening. Far from the end of this story was just the beginning. And I just got to let it go She gave up to complain of being unemployed, exrcices decided to start her own business.


I couldn’t help laughing when I saw him in such a getup.

This knife is only for cutting bread. I used it to practice the perfect infinitive. Go back and do the exercise properly.

Avendo avuto, ayant eu. It is pointless trying to change the world.

Educalingo cookies are used to personalize ads and get web traffic statistics. He has been away two months from now, I still wait to seeing him with an irrational impatience. I’ll be lounging on the couch just chillin in my snuggie A ecercices, which functions as a noun, can consist of a single word or a phrase French words that begin with ger.

I remember giving him a phone call to cheer exercicee up.