Electric RC Helis – GAUI EP LOVE THIS THING! – I recently bought a pixy zap and got it to hover but in winds its extremely unstable and. I’m looking to get a sized heli, can’t decide between the Gaui EP and the T-rex I know that the EP has been out for quite a.

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Send a private message to fytrjok. Ep2200 the next months finding parts for the trex is going to be very hard, the same thing happened when the trex was released.

Makes a great little helicopter. It’s beyond the quality I got with my Walkera 62B. If anyone is interested in a new in box Pixie zap for real cheap, pm me. If you visit Helifreak or RC Groups there are alot of reviews of both birds.

Hey guys, I’m in the gauo of a difficult choise, I’ll get a Gaui or a trex for my birthday but dont know which one is better I’m using the GU gyro to work with the cheapo Maxwell digital servo on the tail. Really a lot of stuff set up wrong on it, and Pe200 was beyond me to try and figure out what it gau was that was making it impossible to fly right.

Fourty plus HITS, yet nobody can help point me in a direction? I cannot tell whether the heli is going away or towards me until it’s too late.

Another option in the US is www. These are some of the reasons I can fly the Quark better than a sim of a. Ive just spent a few hours dialing in the settings, installing new bigger servos and what fp200 and so far it hovers pretty stable in winds. Please, no one take offense by what I have said, I am not trying to insult or belittle anyone or any brand, just giving an answer to the thread based on personal experience.


Find More Posts by hi2nr. I’ve had it guai the box for ever and never got around to building it out besides putting motor on it. Align may have been missing a lot of sales opportunity for taking time to fill the store shelves with their Trex helis.

BB code is On.

GAUI EP200 r/c Helicopter

I can say teh T-rex will be a “quieter” heli, the Gaui are loud and will let you know you are flying a “machine”. Send a private message to hi2nr. It’s really quick even with the stock motor and CF frame and skids.

I stripped 2 sub micro servos so I upgraded to a EP from Gaui. The Gaui does look like an even match however the se has the gyro which needs a high head speed or you will get lots of tail wag. Even after shipping, which you have to pay gayi, you’ll save quite a bit.

The site is www. I got a question for you.

Bert kammerer GAUI ep 200 Hurricane 3D Video !! RC HELICO

Find More Posts by frito With that said, and not even knowing how much the trex is selling for, Align typically has higher pricing than Gaui but they also tend to have better quality. Both these little guys are a lot of fun. It’s stable ep00 to fly in my back yard, even though my yard isn’t all that large and has many trees and other obstacles.

Originally Posted by adam crosby Parts for crash are skids tail gaul blades flybars. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Anyways just wanted to see who else is flying one of these and if ep020 is any tips since there isnt that many topics about this heli.

  FNSW 2401 PDF

Send a private message to Druss. I still have to chase the tail. Both these heli must be set up as near to perfect to achieve a fun flight.

Find More Posts by Shadow It helped a lot, but the bird still weighs WAY too much IMHO – virtually the same as a much larger piccolo, hummingbird type micro, not sub-micro weights. Register Now In order to be able to post messages on the HeliFreak forums, you must first register.

I have a Gaui EPpro. I can now hover the heli still just 3 inch from the ground for a minute or so.

Bert kammerer GAUI ep Hurricane 3D Video !! RC HELICO РVid̩o dailymotion

If you go Align choose combo with out this gyro and add gyro of your choice. Password Please enter a password for your user account.

Hurricane Discussion and support of the Gaui Hurricane Originally Posted by adam crosby. Find More Posts by Druss. You can also get the V2 in a flybarless option. Shadow, I have the Gaui belt drive and love it. You should read here: I still haven’t flown this heli and won’t be able to until the tail output shaft replacement arrives. I think I need to definately upgrade the tail gear to all metal, the plastic is really junky. I’m not confident going beyond that in an 8-square-foot area.