From Harvard to Whoredom: Passion. Pain. Hollywood. [Candice X] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What would you do if you woke up in. [PDF]Free From Harvard To Whoredom Passion Pain Hollywood English Edition download Book. From Harvard To Whoredom Passion Pain. from harvard to whoredom passion pain hollywood english edition. Tue, 20 Nov GMT from harvard to whoredom passion pdf -. Download From.

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So many beautiful supporting characters that let me feel the love that surrounded Sahara. This book was really slow until barvard chapter Because in the end, if it’s just you two, it’ll be okay. Before chapter 22, This book did not make me want to turn the pages any faster than I was already turning them.

While Sahara was with me, she was whoredkm girlfriend, not a street walker. Sahara also answers to the name Jewels and she is also a prostitute. His supa ego’s back in charge and off he swoopes taking a ride home with his 10 month bitch fling. No trivia or quizzes yet.

However, I have to say that Lucky stole the show for me. From Harvard whorexom Whoredom: Your a real charmer and a keeper. And that right there is a quality every book boyfriend should have!!!!!!

From Harvard to Whoredom: Passion. Pain. Hollywood.

I have to say, though, that the ending wasn’t expected. If the world can’t accept that people change, I couldn’t care less what they thought of me. The way he is with Sahara will make you swoon. It’s a must read. When I started reading I didn’t know what to expect but I must confess that since the very first page I couldn’t put it down.


From Harvard to Whoredom: Passion. Pain. Hollywood. by Candice X.

Refresh and try again. Unfortunately, this was the case ‘I’ve read this a thousand times before’ I really tried, but you can’t like them all, I guess Sahara and Gabriel become trapped in a dance of desire, leaving both vulnerable as others watch in awe or contempt. Paperbackpages. Candice, you did a wonderful job with this story.

He had put everyone in their place; out if his business. Heck yes, I do!!! She has skeletons in her closet, and a past she isn’t proud of. The opinions are my own. I absolutely loved this book! Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez rated it it was amazing Apr 10, There was a HEA and no cliffs They just seem perfectly with each other.

BookNerdCarmen rated it really liked it Jul 12, And if I’m being honest, it’s probably my gripe and would not bother many other readers. As both continue to participate miserably through life, without one another, it seems that Sahara and Gabriel will never find their happy every after. Some of which was very passionate.

Apr 19, Donna Sweeney rated it really liked it. I love you tons already Candice X!

Book 2 – From Harvard to Whoredom par Candice X

Candice did a really great job, the writing was amazing, the development of the story was so brilliantly done and the characters were unique. I loved the ending it was just great! I actually liked the plot immensely, the style of writing and generally the characters.


I’ve been wanting to read it again so I was excited when I saw it was on Kindle Unlimited, through amazon. It made me laugh, it made me cry! You really have to read this book because the ending is not what you think.

You can look down on me, call me whatever you want, but I’m not looking for acceptance on something that should only concern the people involved.

Exhibit one in the Eh factor – our main beau for reasons we don’t know feom our leading lady Sahara to – come play house, adding a whole lot of – let’s go to big events, mix it up with – I’ll buy you loads of clothes This novel had me on an emotional roller coaster that I just couldn’t get ho of. Oh honey if only your commitment to showing her you loved her was there when she needed you.

Michele Strazzeri rated it it was amazing Aug 09, Apr 20, Kiara Prado rated it it was amazing. I’ve read hundred of romance books and even thought that this book would be just like the others.