Windows is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Mac is a trademark of Apple Inc. If you are applying in Canada. Adult passport application [PPTC ] (PDF, KB) · Adult renewal application [PPTC ] (PDF, submitting copies but are using form PPTC , “Statutory Declaration in Lieu le formulaire PPTC Déclaration faute de répondant, l’agent responsable qui .

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Same day service and walk-ins are welcome. An applicant who is unable to obtain the signature of an eligible guarantor is required to complete the PPTC Protect yourself from fraud! Canadian Passport Application The Canadian Passport Application process involves completing forms furnished by the Canadian Government that can be completed online and printed for submission, or printed and completed by hand. If all requirements have been met, passports take twenty 20 business days to issue from the receipt of a complete and correct application.

Request for a certified true copy of your travel pprc. If your guarantor requires assistance, contact Passport Pptc form.

Please select all that apply: We will also keep a record of your visit, and deal with Passport Canada if they call us to confirm your attendance.

To avoid delays, make sure your references are: If you are sending in more than one application in the same package, and you have paid via pptc form banking, fform ensure you have included a separate of payment print-out per applicant.


The form itself is available from any Passport Canada office or by ppptc their call centre. All Canadian citizens are encouraged to apply in person at official points of service around Mexico or mail their application directly to the Embassy of Canada. Fees Current fees and forms of payment In special situationsother fees may apply.


Same day service pptc form walk-ins are welcome. If you are applying in Canada. Forms to support your application.

Eligible guarantors A guarantor is a person other than yourself who confirms your identity. It is estimated that the majority of applications received in Mexico may take aproximately 1 week to arrive at the Formilaire in Mexico and be ready to be delivered to the applicant.

Your guarantor must If you are applying from the United States. If tormulaire choose a Canadian passport holder as a guarantor, your guarantor must: Processing Time Many form pptc for passports are received each day.

If you request flrmulaire passport without pptf documentary evidence of citizenship i. If you are new to New Zealand, or any of the countries in the jurisdiction of formuoaire High Commission of Canada in Wellingtonand do not have an eligible guarantor: If you submit your application by mail, a copy of your identification must be signed by your guarantor if you do not want to send the original.

One of the roles of an eligible guarantor is to certify one of your passport photographs. At the time of signing you must present two foem pieces of personal identification, of which at least one must bear your photo and one must bear your signature.


If you have an eligible guarantor, then your guarantor should sign your passport application.

Please read the information concerning ofrmulaire methods of payment under Fees below. Please complete and sign the Credit Card Authorization and attach it to your passport application.

This can either be your birth certificate if you were born in Canada or your certificate of Canadian citizenship. This official does not need form pptc know you but you must be able to provide identification to show them.

Canadian Passport Application – Goldwater, Dubé

Passport application form s duly completed forms must be signed, dated and completed before they are submitted to the guarantor. This authorization letter must indicate the duration of the trip, the precise destination, and the coordinates of the parent giving the authorization in the event the Customs agent wishes to verify the authenticity of the signature. If you apply for the first time for a Canadian Citizenship Certificate and a passport formuaire a newborn or a child under 2 years formulaide, the applicant must provide proof of travel or a written statement explaining the emergency and complete the PPTC form.