U.S. Army FM The Warrior Ethos and Soldier Combat Skills · Introduction · Warrior Ethos Soldier’s Manual of Common Tasks Warrior Skill Level Buy Field Manual FM (FM ) The Warrior Ethos and Soldier Soldier Training Publication STP SMCT Soldier’s Manual of Common Tasks : Sure you can learn about combat tactics, but the survival and medical skills. As suggested by a reader. Of course, things might all just end happily ever after. Bets?.

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Use the dirt from the hole to build frontal, flank, and rear cover. Look first at the area Just in front of your position, and then quickly scan the entire area out to the maximum range you want to observe.

As his condition worsens, he may take small, fast breaths or gasps; stare blindly into space or become blotchy or bluish around his mouth.

These weapons may be used separately or together, with or without nuclear weapons. Dig the other side of the hole armpit deep. Early symptoms may then be followed by a latent period in which the symptoms disappear. Wear the transmitter clipped to your pocket, belt, or suspenders.

Camouflage yourself and your equipment to blend with the surroundings. Do not harm them, either physically or mentally. When you are tired, your body functions are sluggish, and your ability to react is slower than normal. Those you can use are described in this section. For ranges up to meters, count the number of meter lengths between the two points you want to measure. After passing through such an area, they should spread out, again forming the wedge. Such things as making sure that you are not trying to communicate from under a steel bridge or near generators and power- lines, using the best available antenna for your needs, and selecting the best site for your commkn help insure more reliable communications.


FM Chptr 7 Communications

The firing platforms must not, however, be so low that the gun cannot be traversed across its sector of fire. A unit’s action may also indicate its type.

Your own safety, health, and life may depend on your physical fitness. Wipe or swab exposed skin for 2 to 3 minutes. You should not use so much camouflage that your position looks different from its surroundings. Move from covered position to comomn position taking no longer than 3 to 5 seconds between positions.

FM 21-75: Combat Skills Of The Soldier

Two types of bat- skillw can be used in the receiver. They may also be spread by the release of germ-carrying flies, mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.

Patrolling Responsibilities Chpt It contains one or two field first-aid dressings. The movement element then becomes the next fire element and the fire element becomes the next movement element. This hides them and keeps them from Being mistaken for aiming stakes or sector stakes.

They must be handled without breaking inter- national law and without losing a chance to gain intelligence. Cotton items may be boiled. Then, any time he sees an oncoming car that fits those dimensions, he knows it IS about 1 mile away.


You should not wait for orders to change the for- mation or the interval. Rain, snow, and temperature extremes may also influence wire laying.

What it lacks is Part II, Patrolling…. Forked tree limbs about 30 cm 12 in long make good stakes. The enemy’s night vision devices and other detection means let them find you in both daylight and darkness. The sump will absorb most of the blast. Messages and Messengers Chpt 6: Also, shave as often as the water supply and tactical situation permit.

Your fighting position must: EMP is a massive surge of electrical power. Put the mine in the hole. For voice communications, turn the tone- voice switch to the VOICF position and hold it in that position while transmitting.

These may be hard to distinguish from other battle- field and animal s,ills. Those lines are the least likely to be damaged by vehicles or weather. Turn it counterclockwise to a comfortable listening level.

Improve your position as time permits. Look for your next position before leaving a position. Reasons should be provided to insure understanding and complete evaluation. Pro- tective clothmg includes the mask with hood, the chemical protective suit overgarmentboots, and gloves.

When your leader assigns you a fighting position, he should also assign you a primary and a secondary sector of fire.