Courtesy Service Protection. Courtesy Service Protection. Career Opportunities See What is Available · FHP Training Academy Take Our Virtual Tour. Why Apply . Additional information about the selection process or the FHP Training Academy may be obtained at or FLORIDA. as well as directions to the testing locations are in the supplemental packet here:

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It will not be long before it ceases to exsist anyway. Im stoked about my Psych eval on the 30th of November. Like everywhere else, FHP has it’s good and bads, but man that pay is what really turns most people off. The test is on Saturday. Of course a lot of people are going to apply. If you are thinking of coming to FHP; don’t, if you are already here; get out!

May 30th, Miami-Dade Police Dept. Watching for the 2 year mark I’ve been here over a year. Well good luck mang. Here is your simple answer! Which location did they tell you to report to?

Avg a yr for FHP The odds are against us because of the higher numbers. Police work is easy, anybody in law enforcement can do it.

Apply Now – Be A Trooper

Shooting same thing take report turn over to detective, Robbery same thing take report turn over to detective on and on. After delivering his encouraging and heartfelt remarks, the th BRC presented a class t-shirt to the governor.

Between the curriculum and the physical training requirements, the number of recruits dwindled to The class also donated money to Seminole Baptist Church to feed local families and gave careee to elderly residents in Gadsden County. The th enjoyed the experience, and the academy is very thankful to Troop H troopers for their assistance.


The biggest problem with FHP is the lack of competive pay! Hildreth asked why the stats are down? I was devasted man, because I was already 7months in the process when I got this news, but hang in there man you may get lucky.

FHP Applicants- What’s Your Status – Police Forums & Law Enforcement Forums @

The car is falling apart. When the guys who are supposed to have the best interest of an agency in mind Lieutenants, Captains, Majors, etc. He didn’t have any other information about the next certified class. Another 60 losers who can’t cut in in the real world of police work I hope that self sponsoring will land you a career afterward asap. Good pension and benefits.

Funny thing is with Low Pay etc, Most of these candidates will Lateral out once the economy improves. TBL I am sorry about that. That’s right, but remember that 4, people applied and only the 60 best were accepted. Having 4 units back you up to make a DUI arrest, taking a report and forwarding it on to an investigator, calling for a narc to make your drug case, or sitting on a traffic crash for 1 hr waiting on FHP to respond so that you can direct the traffic around the crash.

What a long process tho. I come from a long line of police officers. Thank about long run. I would guess at least half!

flhsmv gov fhp career employmentpacket PDFs / eBooks

Does anyone have a link to the application packet? There are no stupid questions, but there sure are a lot of inquisitive idiots. Most users ever online was 19, at After dedicating 27 weeks of hard work and dedication, 60 men and women employmenypacket the ranks of the Florida Highway Patrol as State Troopers on Feb. During the holidays, the th showed a giving spirit towards the local communities. On another note, took the Psych.


If it gets you that job that you really want, I commend you for paying your dues I’m the first one to recognize we have a backwards agency in a a variety of areas, but I do have to defend our hiring stats. What in the hell is real police work? Its been like flhsvm months since the PAT. I’ve finished my testing and my app process has been suspended due to credit, even though it’s because of my house which I couldn’t pay for after a divorce.

Wow, they are strict with credit. FHP’s hiring standards cadeer pathetic. Being 19 years old with a high school diploma is all that is required.

Mbpd, I dunno if I asked you this earlier but do you have any military experience or a college degree? FHP is an agency that is dead and going nowhere.

At that rate FHP will be condensed to nothing and barely enough to cover just state roads. Can’t say the same for the interview afterward though. Meploymentpacket I passed the poly. Previous 1 6 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 fohsmv Next.