Buy Finnikin de la Roca / Finnikin of the Rock (Cronicas De Lumatere) by Melina Marchetta, Noemi Risco (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Marchetta, Melina , ; Format: Book; pages: maps ; 22 cm. The Paperback of the Finnikin de la Roca (Finnikin of the Rock) by Melina Marchetta at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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The main problem with this book is meluna writing style. View all 5 comments. How could he pass on his stories without a language? The author has a decent voice and the world and situation was interesting.

But all safety is shattered during the five days of the unspeakable, when the king and queen and their children are brutally murdered in the palace.

Fantasy has a formula but Melna was hoping for something new or at least to like the characters but I loathed the two main characters. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

: Melina Marchetta: Books

Return to Book Page. It wasn’t anything original, typical, my-kingdom-has-fallen-and-someone-claims-the-real-kin 3. Was the imagery strong enough to move me? The first thing you see in the novel’s first pages is two maps, one of the land of Skuldenore and one of the country of Lumatere.

So many things would have been much easier and much less frustrating had Evanjalin at any time decided to just talk to her companions instead of manipulating them into doing what works for her. You just won’t find so many different ethnicities living on such a small land mass, and even if this did somehow exist, they would eventually interbreed to the point where everyone would be a mix of everyone else.

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I like her, a lot. It’s terrible, and gripping.

It had a some potential the writing was pretty decent and the story could have been developed into something more interestingbut ultimately the story was really predictable and things came out as major revelations that I thought were super obvious the whole time. I proclaim this is the year, I fell in love with Melina Marchetta. The journey of Lumatere people who struggle goca survive after their exile. Because of this one thing which is just stupid and has nothing to do with the plot the book was ruined for me.

View all 10 comments. And gosh it was fucking magical! I guess everyone else is seeing something in it that I’m just missing. THIS is how you write an epic book.

There are nameless evil meliina doing evil things, but a girl with dr parents were obviously illiterate “Evanjalin” manipulates everyone she comes in contact with to fix them, dragging Finn and other unwitting accomplices along. I’m just extremely underwhelmed.

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Shoot a whole lot of arrows and try not to die. In the Library Request this item to foca in finnikni Library’s reading rooms using your library card. For me Finnikin of the Rock is a book about identities. Return to Book Page. Finally, what can I say about the writing apart from repeating how beautiful it is? But even the “maybe” didn’t explain the ridiculous behaviour of most of them.

Because if it doesn’t, it sounds like my kind of book; and I’m really hoping it is!!! He even believes he will find his imprisoned father. Instead, our date ended with me awkwardly fumbling for keys and muttering, “Well, I’ll call you sometime, I guess”knowing very well that you also acutely felt the absence of that proverbial chemistry, that necessary spark, and that none of emlina would be reaching for the phone any time soon.


Whenever I write a review of a Melina Marchetta book, I risk sounding like the same old broken record The characters are constantly belittling, doubting, invading her space, pushing her to the wayside, trying to make decisions for her. Y tiene la maravillosa costumbre de exigir cosas sin explicar nada.

Finnioin all 44 comments. Our bread is tasteless.

Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta (1 star ratings)

There are too many things I can pick at and too many issues I have with her characters that I just find myself unable to enjoy her books as a whole. Goca have a hard time keeping track.

I didn’t feel like any of the main characters were developed well enough to make me like them, in fact their actions made me dislike them and I had no one to really root for The women kick ass and even the toughest of men have their weaknesses that only serve to endear us to them more.

They brush their teeth and go to the bathroom.

If you’d like some snippets of info on Froi’s book to tide you over until its release, check out this and this.