Thank you very much for purchasing FANTEC FHDL. We hope you will The FANTEC FHDL design and manufacture has your safety in mind. In order to safely. FANTEC MM-HDRTV. Media Recorder & DVB-T. Download. Revision 6 BETA. Firmware Revision 6 BETA. You can examine Fantec MM-HDRTV Manuals and User Guides in PDF. View online or download 1 Manuals for Fantec MM-HDRTV. Besides, it’s possible to.

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Try and test it. How does it happens, i cannot reanswer.


Then you will enter the playlist. My fantec worked fine. Die Neue Titel neuesten Titel werden zuerst angezeigt. I have gb movies stored in my hdd2 partition My problem started when i connected an other hdd Gb on the fantec on pc with usb just to check the hdd is working. Mmm-hdrtv bekommen eine Vorschau auf dem Fernseher angezeigt.

Frontblende Standby-Modus schalten und wieder aufwecken. The higher the quality, the more space required on the hard drive. But when I put the hdd back it does nothing.


You can access both partitions from your PC. I told you that to understand it because many People are wondering if they will see it. That is what i mean, not fanteec. TV Rating Press the Navigational buttons to select. Default is one hour.

Fantec MM-HDRTV Manuals & User Guides

It starts with “fantec” logo on the screen. Select to set the Ethernet settings. Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google Plus 0 Reddit 0. Page NONE means it is an open system network. Viewing Schedule Status 6. In this way, you can also playback km-hdrtv copy files via network between your PC and the player.

Page 80 Bild korrekt auf dem Fernseher anzuzeigen.

Fantec MM-HDRTV Manuals and User Guides, Media Player Manuals —

I dont speak German. But you can copy the files on your multimedia partition vantec time. Eine Liste der Rechner erscheint, die sich in der Arbeitsgruppe befinden.

Connect the power cable and data cable on the main bedienngsanleitung to the HDD. Recording LED Indicator turns on when recording starts. Normalerweise ist keine Formatierung oder Reparatur der Festplatte notwendig. Page of 2 Go. Warnungen Der Player setzt zur Datenspeicherung eine interne Festplatte ein.


Select the source device and destination device. Writing on this partition is not.

After the hdd has been formatted, the player restarts and is now ready to use. Audio Ausgangsbuchse Rechts When navigating in the browser menu, you can press the MENU button bedineungsanleitung activate a popup menu where you can rename and delete files or folders. Bearbeiten Eines Aufzeichnungstermins Aufzeichnungstermin so wie in Kapitel 6.

Select to edit channel information.

Time Select to set the system time. All directories and supported contents will be displayed.