This is my first Bukowski book. It was inconvenient. I do not mean this in a bad way at all, I mean it is the kind of book that gives me an. One of Charles Bukowski’s best, this beer-soaked, deliciously degenerate novel follows the wanderings of aspiring writer Henry Chinaski across World War II-e. Factotum by Charles Bukowski (Jun 5 ) [aa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of Charles Bukowski’s best, this beer-soaked.

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And, you’ll do it, despite rejection and the worst odds. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Well, my answer to the first query is still “NO” and my response to the second still “YES” but contemplating these things during my read was enriching in some way, so I reluctantly give some credit there to ol’ CB. It can be love but it needn’t be Factotum I guess it’s not a book for everyone, but those who dare to read it will find some things to like about it.

His writing style bukowksi earned him many fans and continues to draw new readers in every year. Suppose he had an argument with his wife that morning? If you’re going to try, go all the way. Why do I like his writing so much and yet feel this strong, largely pre-emptive aversion to Bukowski? And while he speaks of little else beyond sad, failed, alcoholic people, he manages to make it seem far less about him –the almighty, misanthropic author–and more about said sad, failed, alcoholic people.


His lack of publishing success at this time caused him to give up writing in and spurred a ten-year stint of heavy drinking. His day-to-day existence spirals into an bukowsmi litany of pathetic facottum, sordid rooms, dreary embraces, and drunken brawls, as he makes his bitter, brilliant way from one drink to the next.

Best Charles Bukowski Quotes from the Novel “Factotum”

They experience a weariness beyond facottum. Factotum tells the story of anti-hero and everyman Henry Chinaski. Preview — Factotum by Charles Bukowski. One of my poet friends in high school facfotum told me that he only would read Bukowski while taking a shit. In one job, he got paid by a bar owner 5 bucks factotuk all the shots of whiskey he could drink to clean a total of six window blinds, which as it turns out took him all day, and in the end required—because he was of course drunk–the help of all his fellow bar patrons, for whom he used the five bucks to buy a round this was the fifties, when five bucks could actually almost buy a bar a round; well, almost.

Factotum was adapted into a film instarring Matt Dillon as protagonist Henry Chinaski. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

In the end, we just get a full-on Bukowski moment at a strip-joint, as we prepare to go out in a blaze of unemployed, poverty-stricken, alcoholic frenzy, but Tell us who you preferred in the comments, and let us know if we left off one of your favorite lines from Factotum. Want to Read saving….

The man could write.


Factotum (novel) – Wikipedia

Most of the text ‘fluff’ to get to a punchline that never actually happens. It’s the only good fight there is. They aren’t thinking men like you and me” A writer who struggles to make ends meet so he takes every job he can possibly find.

But I still felt entertained by this stuff, nonetheless. Aug 31, Abas. I always got to work sick but safe.

And then I up and went to a bar, since I was reading this on the anniversary of the Dirtiest Old Man in Literature’s passing and all, so I stopped worrying about pretty much everything.

Frankly, I was horrified by life, at what a man had to do simply in order to eat, sleep, and keep himself clothed.

Bu,owski, this was the first Bukowski novel I’ve read.

Best Charles Bukowski Quotes from the Novel “Factotum” – Bukowski Quotes

View all 5 comments. I guess how he seems to be able to walk into any bar, in any state in America and it is full faactotum easy women who, for a drink will just give it away, just pissed me off.

He can’t remember the name of the woman he had sex with last night, or was it last hour?

Hell boils with laughter. View all 8 comments. The emotional honesty that pours out in this book is both heart-breakingly beautiful but also very refreshing.