Everything Good Will Come has ratings and 90 reviews. karen said: in my mind, because i am notoriously illiterate when it comes time to read the back. Everything Good Will Come is about the coming-of-age of Enitan, the chief character, as she develops from a gripping aura of innocence to an. Abstract. Sefi Atta’s debut novel Everything Good Will Come () examines the growing up of a child from adolescence to adulthood. Through these various.

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Although they become friendly with each other, this just reinforces the fact that Enitan cannot trust any of the men in her life to treat a woman with respect or as an equal. Wlll Niyi expects Enitan to obey him and while his concern is for the unborn baby he also cannot handle the fact that Enitan does things that he tells her not to do.

Everything Good Will Come

Sheri is a sassy young girl sassy with a rebellious nature, constantly testing those around her, while craving the attention of any male. And for the better informed: I think the story would have had some potential, if only I knew what it was. Hardcoverpages. My Africa was a light one, not a dark one: Our yard stretched over an acre and was surrounded by a high wooden fence that could drive splinters into careless fingers. With insight and a lyrical wisdom, Nigerian-born Ssefi Atta has written a powerful and eloquent story set in her African homeland.

The ending seemed rather bland. Apr 09, Loulose rated it really liked it. What single sensation could you take from an orange? But it is Sefi Atta’s courage in choosing to look at her fictional world through fiercely feminist lenses that I most admired.

The Boy on the Bridge. The writer didn’t shine away from going straight to portray sei feminist mind of the wilo character. Throughout her life, Enitan’s father, and later her husband Niyi, encourages her to stand up for herself. At the same time, reflecting the resilience of the Lagosians whose lives she explores, humour is almost constant, effervescent, most often with wefi satirical twist.


Oct 29, Anny rated it it was ok. The dynamics of their relationship is no longer a focal point, so the emotional development of these characters weakens. Feminists will look at it that way perhaps but for me, it was a boring book. Entian loves an artist until that doesn’t work out, but we never really everythiing her pain, despite having given us an interesting new character.

The Association of Small Bombs. The main crux of the book is the struggles of a Nigerian woman to be heard, seen and respected for who she is in a Nigeria led by the military government, a woman’s constant battle in a patriarchal goood and what she can do to fight her battles regardless of hindrances and pullin A fierce story about a Nigerian lady privileged financially sverything birth but had to go through a not so happy childhood with her parents constant fights.

Apr 26 28 May 21, I have read no fewer than three books in the last few months with this same problem, the inexplicable marriage of our heroine to a guy with no redeeming qualities, who of course turns out to be a turd. To a Nigerian woman being barren is the worst thing that a woman could be and being able to have children is the major value of a woman which Sheri has now lost.

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Will her mother, who has become deeply religious since the death of Taiwo’s brother, allow her friendship with the new girl next door, the brash and beautiful Sheri Bakare? Many of the scenes and situations in the book are fresh and painfully real, giving glimpses of what a great book this could be if the author focused in and fully developed a few of them.


Please review your cart. Enitan was a difficult woman to understand. Very good character development! During the colonization of Nigeria by Great Britain, local tribes were used to govern their regions and the British government served as the sefo power.

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Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. It was entirely another to face an African dictatorship and tell them how to treat people like citizens. Sefi Atta was born in Lagos, Nigeria. From the beginning I believed whatever I was told, downright lies even, about how best to behave, although I had my own inclinations. I will describe the older Enitan as childish, confused, self-centered, indecisive and antagonistic.

And we begin to understand Entian’s parents and their dysfunctionality towards one another.

The long lasting smell on your fingers. Yet, the importance of religion to Mama Enitan is strong as she has lost her son to disease, suffers through a bad marriage and is subject to the dual pressure put on all the Nigerian women that result from colonization and sexist societal attitudes; she turns to religion as one would self-medicate with drugs, alcohol or sexual activity as an escape from reality.

Enitan’s char Enitan, at 11 years old, living in an affluent neighbourhood in Nigeria in the early s, meets her neighbour, 11 year old Sheri Bakare, a headstrong miscreant with a knack for trouble, and this is pretty qill where Enitan’s life begins. I liked the childhood story and found Enitan’s friend, Sheri very complex and fascinating.