la escala de deterioro global (GDS) de Reisberg. Se calculó la sensibilidad y especificidad del test episódico para detectar EA frente a DCLa y normalidad. DEL DETERIORO COGNITIVO en personas de edad avanzada . Criterio: Global Deterioration Scale GDS (Escala de deterioro global) de Reisberg estadío . «Existe acuerdo en que la enfermedad de Alzheimer es una enti- dad clinicopatológica por más tiempo de exclusión.» Barry Reisberg y colaboradores Escala de deterioro global (Global Deterioration Scale, GDS). Reisberg, B.; Ferris.

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A standardised instrument for the diagnosis of mental disorder in the elderly with special reference to the early detection of dementia.

Quality of Life in an Adult Population of More than 60 Years of Age without Cognitive Impairment

Genome-wide association studies in Alzheimer disease. Plan andaluz de Alzheimer De la tutela en general. Plan integral de las personas mayores de Baleares; Clinical and diagnostic features. The longitudinal effects of early behavior problems in the dementia caregiving career. What reissberg patients and their families told about the diagnosis of dementia?

Am J Psychiatry ; Specialist palliative care needs of whole populations: Table 4 Correlations of the eight dimensions and the two sums of the SF with the activities carried out in the free time.

Quality of Life in an Adult Population of More than 60 Years of Age without Cognitive Impairment

Results of a family survey. Am J Public Health. Occupational exposure to extremely low frequency electric and magnetic fields and Alzheimer disease: Spontaneous bleeding associated with gda biloba: The projected effect of risk factor reduction on Alzheimer’s disease prevalence. National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health. Instruments Risk globa, of cognitive deterioration [ 78910111213 ] were collected, such as arterial hypertension, hypercholesterolaemia, diabetes mellitus, currently being a smoker or having been a smoker, heart disease, and family history of cognitive deterioration or dementia.


Edinburgh, Scotland United Kingdom: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 4th ed.

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A randomized, controlled trial of a home environmental intervention: To analyse the quality of life QoL of persons over 60 years of age in Bizkaia Basque Country, Spainnot institutionalised and without cognitive impairment, and the relation and possible influence of the perception of the state of health with the cognitive level and the activities that they carry out.

Efficacy, safety and tolerability of rivastigmine capsules in patients with probable vascular dementia: Evidence-based psychological treatments for distress in family caregivers of older adults.

Prevalence of neuropsychiatric symptoms in elderly patients with dementia in Mungialde County Basque Country, Spain. Evidence-based geriatric nursing protocols for best practice. A low correlation was observed between the memory tests and the SF Diabetes gdss other vascular risk factors for dementia: Ageing entails an increase in chronic illnesses and in disabled persons [ 1 ].

ACKD patients who opted for conservative treatment were offered the chance to be cared for mainly at home by the Primary Care doctor, under the coordination of the Palliative Care Unit and the Nephrology Department.

The inclusion criteria were: J Am Board Fam Pract.


Oxford University Press; ; p. Risk of dementia in diabetes mellitus: Treatments and outcomes of nursing-home-acquired pneumonia. Generalitat de Catalunya; Activity energy expenditure and incident cognitive impairment in older adults.

An exploratory comparative design 1. Med Clin Barc ; The Robert Gordon University. Alma-Ata actualmente Kazakhstan ; Septiembre This article has been cited by other dde in PMC.

Risk assessment and primary prevention of Alzheimer disease.

A one-year randomized controlled psychosocial intervention study among family carers of dementia patients-effects on patients and carers. The Multidimensional Prognostic Index MPIbased on a comprehensive geriatric assessment predicts short- and long-term mortality in hospitalized rreisberg patients with dementia.

Enteral tube feeding for older people with advanced dementia.

Los grupos de ayuda mutua, un modelo social de salud [ponencia]. Guideline for cognitive impairment: Cognitive-behavioral profiles of neurodegenerative dementias: The effects of psychosocial methods on depressed, aggressive and apathetic behaviors of people with dementia: Obra Social de Caixa Catalunya; In summary, the sampled older adults had a good perception of their health; however, it is necessary to analyse what variables influenced their perception since, as has been seen, in this case the cognitive state and the activities performed did not have a great influence.

Results from the European Alzheimer Disease Consortium: Evaluation of a sample of persons that belong to a longitudinal study.

Cochrane Database of Systematic ReviewsIssue 1.